August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Yo Ho A Pirate's Life for Me (1/16/17)

Well this week has been exciting! Sister Hall is so awesome and SO
cute! This transfer has gotten off to a pretty great start! We are
working hard, and things are going well! We served at Ellis Island on
Saturday, and it was fun because we got to go with Sister Phillips and
her new companion, Sister Altidor. It was a blast, and afterwards we
went out to ice cream :)

Our people are being REALLY frustrating right now though, because
either it has been really hard to get in contact with them and see
them, or they just dont want to do anything -_- Our branch mission
leader says to just lay off them for a while and not worry about
pushing them to progress, but it is so hard! We are so afraid that if
we dont, they wont move at all... but I guess we have to trust our

It is so crazy, but even though I am in my last transfer, i feel like
I still dont know ANYTHING!  I need an extension haha. But honestly
nothing too exciting has happened this week. We are feeling like we
need to do something different than what we have been doing in our
area thus far, because we dont have as many people to teach as we want
to... And we know that we need to focus on the less actives and part
member families and recent converts to find, but so far that hasnt
been working out so fabulously... so If you have any suggestions, let
me know!

Something fun happened this week though, so Justin Artiga, Melvin's
son, had a birthday party this last week and we stopped by for a
while. We partied and danced a whole bunch... JUST KIDDING!!!!! No it
was a dance party, but we didnt dance. We just stopped in to talk to
Melvin a little and give him his red Book of Mormon (which was a
regular BOM that we covered with cool red wallpaper), and talk to some
of the other people that came. So that was fun.

Well I dont know what else to say about this week, but I love you all
and I hope that all is going well!! :) MUAH!

Sister Baine

Oh yeah, and Shawn's wife and daughter came from China to visit him
before they all go back home! He brought them all to church on Sunday,
and it was SO COOL! I love Chinese people! I am going to live in China
when I grow up. It is so cool, and the people there are always so
nice! :D