August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Thursday, February 2, 2017

It's marshmallow world in the winter.... (10/3/16)

First lets get the weather talk out of the way... This week it
actually started to get really cold. Which is weird because today it
is super warm out, but that is Jersey for you. It has also been super
rainy, which was OH SO FUN to walk around in haha... The blessings of
being in a walking area... My husband gets 1000x hotter.

But this week has been great!! We had a bunch of great appointments,
and not that many juked haha! Our Chinese students are progressing
nicely, and watched a session of conference! Conference was SO great
btw! I can't wait to listen to them all again. But now we are
officially teaching 7 Chinese people! Haha I totally want to go to
China. It is so weird, but i have never been as crazy as my Sis Emily
and wanted to travel the world and experience strange things... But
now that I am being aquatinted with so many different cultures, it
makes me so curious!! I wish I had a million dollars to travel the
world... But it will probably have to wait for a while... But I do
want to go to Italy for the dedication of the temple there... 😉

I absolutely love this branch and these people so much... Even thought
they are such frumpy fros sometimes, I feel like we are actually doing
work here... It is so good to actually be busy and we have NEEDS TO
FILL!!!! It is so fun working here.

So we have this crazy guy named Pete (that is probably not his real
name) who keeps following us around everywhere and talking to us in
different languages haha. He probably smokes like 3 packs a day and
drinks a gallon of coffee... But he is so funny!! He is so gone that
he literally can't even carry on a conversation with us, and we don't
actually know he if he comprehends what we say to him half the
time.... we have no idea what's wrong with him, but it is hilarious.
No joke, every time we go on Main Street he ALWAYS finds us! He will
follow us into stores, and a couple times he has even been following
us to appointments hahahaha we don't know what to do with him. I will
send you some video of Pete though... And if you can't understand what
he is saying it is probably Portuguese or Spanish or German...

This Gospel is more true than my brother is blond and Sister Phillips
is hot. I love teaching and working out here... Sorry but I don't ever
think I am going to come home... See ya never. But I still love you
all!!!! MUAH!

Sister Baine :)

This is Pete...