August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Well in these last two weeks I think I have done more service than I have my entire mission combined! Not really, but we have done a LOT of service! Especially for He members and less actives in our area.... I think I mentioned last week that we raked a less actives leaves, and we helped some more youth rake a referrals leaves, and we helped a less active put up Christmas decorations and rearrange her furniture, and we made dinner for our branch president's fam too.... So hopefully they will give us more referrals! We have already been getting some, so that is exciting.... oh and we did community service in Newark... and I got these sweet 70s pants. 

What else happened this week? Mmmmm not much.... it snowed last night!!!! It was so fun, but we didn't get any videos or pics of it, which I am sad about :/ but other than that it has been a lot of rain... and when it isn't rainy it has been cold and windy... but the snow makes everything magical! Proof: last night when it started snowing we walked to our bus stop and started talking to this girl and then the elders walked up and we sang her Silent Night, and they showed her the video, and we got on our bus. But then on the bus we started talking to people, and this lady was getting on the bus with a big red shirt and a Santa hat... and the bus driver started flipping out like "What?! Mrs. Clause! I know just what I want for Christmas! I want a million dollars and a BMW, and a hot girlfriend who is really nice, and then I want..." and he just kept going on and on and on... and we were all laughing so hard at this dude... and the lady was laughing and her face was all red... and then we asked the bus driver his name, and He said it was Papi Churro.... HAHAHA. And THEN I made Sister Phillips stand up with me, and we sand Silent night for the whole bus, and the bus diver stopped, and wouldnt let anyone on or off until we finished hahaha... then we handed out cards to everyone, and Papi Churro invited us to his Christmas party haha. 

We had the primary program too and that was a mess/party. 

So anyways... Thats about it... I love you all!