August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Oh I wish I were a little bar of soap... (1/30/17)

Ok, so this week we had some cool miracles! We knocked a door, and
showed the video to this guy, and he said that he was super
interested, which was kind of weird in and of itself... but we thought
at first that he might have just been messing with us. But then we
texted him later, and he actually responded and wasn't creepy! We
called him the next day, and he said that he felt like we met for a
reason, and that he had felt the spirit and felt an urgency to read
the introduction that we told him to read. He is so cool! We were like
WHUUUTT?! Then the next night we went to pizza and guess who walks
in?? Our new investigator!! So we talked with him for a while and he
shared some super cool experiences with us! It was so cool. We have
really high hopes for him :)

Umm oh yeah, we also found a new family kind of to teach! The dad is a
member, but hasn't been to church since he was a teenager. And his
wife, and none of his children are members. They are so cool though!!
We really hope that we get to keep working with them! :)

We also have an investigator names Susan who has four cats... they are
nice kitties though, and they come and sit on your lap. Except that
they also do that on the table  and everywhere else that cats are
generally not supposed to be.... haha oh well. Good thing I'm not
allergic. ;)

Well... nothing else exciting has really happened this week, except
that I got an email about how to ensure my Salvation. But I will share
that secret with you when I get home. I love you all. Dont miss me too
much, :) MUAH