August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hello Real World! (11/14/16)

So on Tuesday this week, we were just sitting down at our desks studying... like normal, good missionaries do... when SUDDENLY we heard this loud CRASH!!!! I almost wet myself. So we went over to our bathroom to see what the loud noise was, and our bathroom ceiling had fallen down. Yup! So last week our ceiling was peeing, and this week it finally just decided it had had enough, and fell down onto our toilet. The bad part was that after that I really had to go to the bathroom, so I had to brush off the toilet seat and then while I was going a little bit more of the ceiling fell on me... 

We actually got fed a lot this week! I think the people in this branch are actually starting to like us haha. Just kidding, I ADORE this place! I love all the people here so much.. I dont know why, but sometimes I like working in the struggling areas more... I just feel more needed and better about the work I do... and BOY this branch is struggling haha. Yesterday during church, they asked one of the brothers to give the opening prayer in Sacrament meeting, and he started off by saying "Dear Lord Father God..." and didnt even end in the name of Jesus Christ, so they had him redo it... and he still didnt end in the name of Jesus Christ haha. 

During our last coordination, we realized that with 3 sets of missionaries in one branch, there is SO much work to be done, but not enough members to do it. So our AWESOME branch mission leader asked us all to start praying for someone new to move into the branch that could help with the work... preferably a sister RM, so that she could come on team ups with us. He pointed out that in the scriptures it says that the harvest is great and the laborers are few, so we need to pray and fast for more laborers. And since Jesus is referred to as "The Lord of Hosts" we can know that He has hosts of people at His disposal to help with the great harvest. So we have been praying all week... and guess what... This week a beautiful Sister walked into Sacrament meeting and said that she was moving into the branch. WHAT?!?! She isnt an RM, but that is OK! At least she is super cool and willing to participate! We are still going to keep praying and fasting though.. but HEAVENLY FATHER ANSWERS PRAYERS! 

Hmm... what else happened this week? Melvin is still awesome. As always. We are starting a Book of Mormon Challenge today! We are going to read the entire Book of Mormon by February 14 as a Valentine's Day present to the Lord and a thank you for the Book of Mormon! You are all welcome to join! :) 

We also went to the temple this week as a zone, and it was great! Haha zone bonding is so much fun.. we went through the cool World Trade Center building, and saw the 9/11 memorial too.... super fun. And the temple is always so wonderful... I love it there! I love doing work for my ancestors! All the more angels around me! ;) After the temple we also got Gyros.. I got a lamb gyro and it was SOOO good... only it was a little bit spicy haha I wouldnt normally say that, but that Egyptian hot sauce is REALLY hot... 

Speaking of food... we had a special missionary mutual this Wednesday with the youth, and it was so much fun! We made brownies too that we got for only one dollar at Walmart! huzzah! so we made them, and then they came with a frosting to put on top, so we started putting the frosting on top... but then realized that it smelled like a Dunkin Donuts... the frosting was mocha flavored... we checked and we dont think that there was any actual coffee in it... but they smelled and tasted like coffee SO strongly! So we served coffee flavored brownies to all of the youth and the friends that they had brought to the church for the first time... great first impression. 

God is all around us, all the time. He truly is in the details, and He works by small and simple means. Even if they are mysterious. :) 

Love you all a boatload!!!! :) MUAH!