August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Strange things are happenin (1/2/17)

This week was nutso... we have had so many lessons, but still no one
is progressing haha. Mostly because they are all crazy. That miracle
guy, Dwayne, texted us after the first lesson that we had with him
saying that he had this huge crush on Sister Phillips and couldnt stop
thinking about her, so he didnt know if it was going to work out
meeting with us. We did our best to salvage the situation, but he
stopped responding to us, and wouldnt answer the door when we stopped
by... thats what I get for having a gorgeous companion haha.

Then we have Maria. She was a member referral, and one of the only
ones we have actually been able to meet with a lot. But she has her
own challenges! She has a really hard life, and is raising 3 REALLY
hard boys on her own in a crummy apartment. It has been so hard to
help these people... but I know that God does! So we will trust in
Him, and have faith that He will magnify our efforts.

We also met with these two brothers from Gambia! they are so cool...
even though they are Muslim haha. I dont know how that is going to
work out, but the spirit was really strong when we taught them the
restoration, and they said that they would read and pray about the
Book of Mormon! So thats awesome!

Shawn, our Chinese investigator is pretty much dropped... :( We have
worked so hard with him, and done everything that we know how to be
able to help him... But he still wont accept a date to be baptized
before he goes to China... We are so sad, and worried that he won't
actually come back and be baptized in two years... There are so many
complications... but literally all we can do now is leave it in the
Lords hands.

We also met with this lady named Ruth and her daughter Alex. She was a
media referral, and Sister Phillips met with her once before on
exchange with one of our members named Sister German. So we stopped by
again this week, and they were SO nice, and just let us right in! We
met Alex, and it was so funny, because right off the bat, Alex said
that she knew that we were Mormon missionaries and that our end goal
was baptism, but that she was Catholic and wasn't going to be
baptized. So we were like thats totally fine! We just want to talk
with you and your mom for a little bit! All the while this
conversation was going on, Ruth was bringing in orange juice and flan
for each of us on a giant platter haha. And then Ruth started going
off on animal cruelty and how horrible humans are to animals and how
we shouldnt eat meat etc... And it was so funny because Ada was
like... yes I agree, but i cant help it, I just love me a big ol'
steak! hahahaha it was hilarious! Then we got to talking about Jesus
and read some scriptures with them, and Alex started asking us all
these great questions, and we kept bringing up more and more
scriptures, and by the end they were both like "yes when is the next
time you can come over! Lets do tuesdays and thursdays! and where is
your church? We will be there!" Haha it was so awesome and the spirit
was so strong!! :D

New years eve was kind of fun... we went to Sister Germans house and
ate delicious food, and then went home and went to bed haha. But the
next day at church there were like 5 people that showed up in the
morning at the new time... its ok, because a lot of people were there
by the last hour!

Love you all so much! Hope you all have a wonderful new year!!! :)))
Sister Baine