August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Miracles happen once in a while.... (11/28/16)

YESTERDAY!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Yesterday was like one of the best days of my life! It was so funny!
Melvin finally decided that he was going to get baptized, and so we
set it all up, and it was SO spiritual! President Taggart came and we
had a couple less actives and a couple investigators and a LOT of
family there to support Melvin! Everyone was crying and it was the
longest baptism I have ever been to because like 2/3 of the room
(which was packed) went up and bore their testimony and they were all
blubbering about what a long 16 years it has been, but how it was the
Lords timing, and how happy they are that Melvin finally got baptized.
It really was beautiful though, because Melvins son, Spencer, got to
baptize him, and he was just bawling when he bore his testimony! It
was SO AWESOME!!!! :D ohmigoodness it was so happy! :) then afterwards
we all had tamales and homemade hot chocolate! #ilovehispanicparties
#blessingsofbaptizing #finallygetfed

Guess what else? Sister Phillips and I are staying together for
another transfer!!! HUZZAH! I am so glad, because we are on a roll
here in this area! And we will get to spend Christmas together!
....Sister Phil already bought us stockings -_- She is so crazy.

Thanksgiving was good! We had the Turkey Bowl with the missionaries
Thursday morning and my team was losing... until President Taggart got
there and helped us out hahaha he is so funny. He like had us run
these plays and everything! But we still lost haha. Oh well. Its
prolly because they didnt play me more ;) jk.

Anyways. After that we got ready and our recent convert Yolanda picked us up because she was
going to spend the day with us since she didnt really have any family.
So we went to the Espada house and helped them cook a little bit. Then
we went over to the Peck/Artiga/Hernandez family house (thats Melvin's
wife's family). Then we went back over to the Espadas to eat the food
that we had made earlier. Then we went to crazy Brother Phelps' house
for our last stop of the day haha. It was quite an adventure. ...lots
of pie :)

We also had exchanges... but that wasnt very exciting... then we went
to Ellis Island to volunteer again. And that was fun... sorry we
didn't take any pictures though haha.

I love you so mucho!!!! :) Hope you all weigh as much as I do after
Thanksgiving! BYEEE!

Love, Sister Baine :)