August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Top Chef 🍴 (11/21/16)

Ok lets see... what even happened this week? Everything is such a
blur... This week has been awesome and hard and crazy and fun...

Melvin almost didnt get baptized this week.. but now he is still
getting baptized on Sunday!! So that is AWESOME!!! :D No one but his
extended family knows yet, and they are going to announce it to
everyone on Thanksgiving :) Oh yeah! Thanksgiving!!! YUM!!! Everyone
eat a ton of Turkey for me!

So we had a Thanksgiving dinner yesterday for the branch, so we
planned on Friday and Saturday a bunch of appointments with the
members, less actives, and non member women that we have been working
with lately, and it was so fun, and SO crazy!!!! We helped to make
stuffing, cupcakes, two pies, brownies, cookies, cake, and cinnamon
bread! Then we also kind of helped to make lasagna.. and by kind of
helped I mean that we bought the stuff but scheduling didn't work out
with us and the other lady to make it together, so she just made it
herself haha... But it was so fun! And SO many people came to our
linger longer!!! This less active family came that hasnt been to
church in so long! And we also had another guy named Brother Beltre
who came to church yesterday that hasnt been to church in like 25
years haha... He is pretty much an investigator, but it's ok :)

We also had another miracle this week! We like a month ago we went to
see a less active, and he told us to get in touch with his friend who
was going through a hard time. So we friended him on facebook, and
ttexted him, but he never responded. So we kind of forgot about him,
but we added him to our bug group message that we do with everyone.
Well we were in the library earlier this week, and this guy sat across
from us, and he asked me something about my ipad.. and then he
mentioned that some missionaries were messaging him, and he showed us
a picture of Sister Phillips!! So we had an AWESOME lesson with him,
and then he came to church, and it has been great! :)

So there was a SUPER annoying dog at this one house we were walking
by, and it was barking at us really loudly... So I decided to bark
back, but then Sister Phillips tactfully pointed out that the owner of
the dog was standing in the doorway watching me bark at his dog..
awkward... but its ok.

Ok, well love you all!!! :) Have a Fabulous Turkey day!!! !