August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Monday, September 12, 2016

It's all Good in the Hood!!!

This week has been such an adventure! Sister Phillips is AMAZING!!!
She is literally everything that I have always wanted to be... She
actually won when she ran for student body president. Haha she is SO
pretty and SO nice and SO fun and just all around awesome. I was
afraid of getting some hick girl from a potato farm that never used a
microwave and had missing teeth haha. Weird connection, but I actually
asked her a couple days ago and it turns out that she knows Wade and
Josh Evenson!!! No Manchez!!!! She said she was in student council
with Wade haha so fun.

Well, one of The first things that we find out when we get together is
that we are not assigned a car to use haha. We had to borrow a car
from another companionship to get back from transfers. So we are
officially in a walking area!!!! Yay!!!! Literally I love it though,
all of my wildest dreams have come true. 😄 then we get to our
apartment, which had just had elders in it before us, and it is soooo
ghetto haha. When we first saw it I thought cute little Sister
Phillips was just going to cry. It has this creepy elevator too that
is super old.... But the manager is super nice! He didn't like the
elders thought because they would climb out the fire escape and onto
the roof... Elders...
It is super cool through, because we can see the New York skyline form
our grody kitchen window.

It is so funny walking around the main streets here, because there are
a couple guys that just kinda wander around, and they are not quite
right upstairs haha, and we have had some funny conversations so
far... The people here are so humble and down to earth though. Really
they are all so nice. We were out walking for a super long time the
other day, and just knocked on a door and asked for some water, and
without any hesitation the lady gave us two bottles! There are so many
people here that are from Brazil or Portugal and places like that....
But they are so fun.

Anyways, Then we found out some more things like we had a baptism that
Saturday and we teach Chinese people English that night, and Pres
Caycho (a member of the mission presidency) was making a special trip
down to do the baptismal interview, and we have to take the bus
everywhere. I am so thankful that Heavenly Father was helping us,
because I had never ridden a bus before on my mission, and all of a
sudden we have no car, a creepy apartment, and a baptism to coordinate
of someone we don't know!!! Wooohoooo!!!! Haha it was all good though,
and the baptism went wonderfully. Our Chinese English class has been
super fun so far, and the members already love us. I learned that one
of the families that i served with in Scotch Plains moved down here
into my ward!!! It was so good to see them again. And guess what...
For once in my mission there is a Spanish ward, and we serve in the
English Branch haha. And the branch president is Hispanic 😂 he is
super cool though.

So Yolanda is the one that just got baptized, and she is so cute. We
already love her so much! This area is about to explode! We are so
excited, and have a goal to get two forever families this transfer!
Heavenly Father is so good!! Sister Phillips has some great ideas for
how we can get this area going, so be prepared for some awesome emails
coming up! Love you all so much! Thank you for all your prayers!
Please keep praying, because goodness knows we need them! MUAH!!

Sister Baine :)

 Guess which one is sister Phillips.... ;)