August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Thursday, February 2, 2017

I'll be home for Christmas... #jokes (12/5/16)

Heyyyy so this has been a crazy pday because we helped a member move
and then stuffed our faces at the Walmart deli haha soooooo this might
be a little rushed.

So I don't know why this keeps happening, but we got rained out
again...  at first it was just kind of sprinkling, and we went to go
contact a referral and got to talking with her for a while on her
doorstep. As we were talking though, we noticed that it was raining
harder and harder.... we kept trying to prolong the conversation as
long as we could, but eventually she said goodbye and shut the door,
and we had to face the pouring rain.... we walked (swam) probably 3/4
of a mile to the nearest Dunkin' Donuts where we could use the wifi
before going home for the night... by the time we got there it was
like we had just gotten off the titanic.... I bought myself a donut
for it...

Oh and you may have seen it on Facebook, but Sister Phil and the
Hermanas and I did this cool service booth thing and it was a blast!

Oh and something else cool happened... we have this returning less
active family that we have been working with, and we had a super
powerful lesson on Saturday with them, and then they came to church
the next day and the mom bore such a powerful testimony!! Then
afterwards she said that it was all because of us, and that ever since
we came she had felt the spirit in the home so strongly!! Of course we
know that it isn't us haha but it is so cool to see people

Speaking of progressing, we had a couple really cool lessons with our
Chinese guy, Shawn this week!! The first one we talked about baptism,
and then we all knelt down to pray about it, and we were kneeling
there for like 25 minutes!!! He still wasn't sure about it though, so
the next lesson we skyped in a Chinese member from the YSA branch, and
they had like a 30 minute conversation in Mandarin. Afterwards Shawn
felt so much better about baptism, and said that he understood the
gospel more, and that she had said how important it was to read the
Book of Mormon every day and to do the best we can and repent. It was
so cool!

Yolanda also went to the temple this week!!! She had such a great
time, even though she is SUPER frustrating sometimes.... but we still
love her to death ❤️πŸ˜„

Ok I love you all to Kolob and back!!!! 😘😘❤️️❤️️😁😁😁😁