August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Monday, November 21, 2016

Hi ho hi ho

Well this week has been a lot less psycho than last week haha, we are
finally starting to get the hang of things, and Heavenly Father has
really been helping us out. And we have been making friends!!!

So every Tuesday and Thursday we teach  an English class to a few
Chinese people, and they are so awesome!! We have the English class at
the Chapel, and we we use a program created by the church, so we have
been able to start teaching them about the gospel! One of them has
even come to church for the service a couple times! Well they had a
Chinese moon festival this week, and they brought us back food from
it! They gave us some homemade dumplings and mooncakes, and it was
soooo good!!! The mooncakes tasted kinda funky, but they looked so
pretty!! (I remember learning about mooncakes and the festival from
the cat show on PBS kids when I was little... Sagwa I think haha).
Before they came to America they didn't know anything about God or
Jesus or anything about religion... But now they actually want to
start taking the lessons for real! We hope the understand it all and
are actually interested, but we figure that even if they don't want to
get baptized right now, we are teaching them about their Savior, and
they have said that they can feel peace and love (the spirit) really
strongly when they come to the church and learn. :) we are so excited.

Also, we have been meeting some crazy people haha... There are so many
people in our area, but it is hard to street contact by our house
because they are mostly either crazy or don't speak English haha... Or
both... I will send you a video haha. But we have been getting super
close with the members already, and they have already told us that
they have referrals for us, and we have already gotten specific
assignments from the Branch council to go visit less active and part
member families... Which are gold mines!!! We have also been getting a
lot of referrals from other sources as well, and Heavenly Father has
really been blessing us. AND we got a new Branch mission leader, and
he is so awesome! His name is Marcel, and he is a big Black guy with
dreads hahaha. We are seriously going to do WORK here!! :D

It is weird being a trainer.... I don't know how to describe it, but
it's weird.... Sister Phillips is super fun though... I'll send you
some of the funny videos we made haha :)
Love you guys so much!!! Hope you are all doing FABULOUS!!! MUAH!

Sister Baine :)

Ok here is the delicious Chinese food!


Oh, and btw we went to Ellis Island again!! It was super fun!!!

Music Street Video--Break'n in the Greenie