August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Thursday, February 2, 2017

So tell me what you want, what you really really want! (1/26/17)

It is so weird that this time last year we had a blizzard, and now a
year later is it almost warm here haha. I am not joking, we have been
going running in the mornings for exercise because it hasn't even been
very cold! We have gotten a little bit of rain, but not a ton. It was
foggy yesterday, which was cool, and it is SUPER windy today... but i
know that you just LOVE hearing all about the weather here in Jersey
haha. I always say that when people start talking about the weather
its because it's awkward and the conversation needs to end...

So this week was like a rollercoaster... One day was good, then the
next day was bad... etc... We got like 3 new investigators and lost
them all in the same week... We have actually been getting some good
referrals! Both media referrals from Salt Lake, and member
referrals... and I guess I always just thought that any referrals we
got from members to teach their friends or family would automatically
be prepared and get baptized, and it would be great. Well I am
beginning to find out that that is not true haha. I have gotten more
referrals from members in this area than I ever have before, and the
only baptism has been Melvin... But its ok, because this is the Lords
work, and I know that things will get better, and we have been
promised baptisms!

One thing I have learned is that I LOVE Chinese people!!! I just adore
them! We taught Shawn's family again this week, and they are so sweet!
Shawn is getting ready to go back to China with them though, and it
makes me so sad! He has been here the whole time I have been here! I
think that between church and lessons and English class, I have seen
Shawn at least once a week every week since I got here! I love him so
much!! I seriously want to go to China and visit him and his family! I
am going to open up the China mission haha! It is crazy how much
freedom they DONT have in China... I never realized how controlling
they are there until Shawn was telling us about it. They dont even get
to decide what they want to do in life! Their careers are chosen for
them! Its crazy... but I love them all so much.

Oh yeah! And I dont remember if I have mentioned Alex and Ruth at all,
but they are the major animal lovers. Alex is Ruth's daughter, and she
just had her baby! We went over there the other night, and she was
having contractions already, and asked us to say a prayer with them,
so we did, and then got pictures of her little baby boy a day later!
So cute!!

So yesterday we went with Brother Marcel to finish the Branch Mission
Plan, and it took us all 4 HOURS yesterday! And that wasnt even the
first meeting we have had! Marcel thinks that in total it probably
took us about 20 hours to finish the plan... it is a DARN solid branch
(ward) mission plan though!

Anyway... I love you all a boatload.. sorry I dont have anything else
to tell you... for this week... wasnt too exciting... but It will be
next weeek!!!! :D Le quiero!!!!! MUAH!

Sister Baine :)