August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Rap it up! (12/19/16)

Ok, well this week Christmas threw up... and Christmas hasnt even come yet...
So on Tuesday we had Traditions with the Taggarts, which is where our
whole zone went over to the mission home for breakfast and did some
others fun songs and games, etc. Then on Friday we had our All Mission
Christmas party which was super fun. Then Sunday was a mess haha.

So our lovely branch council thought that it would be a great idea to
put the missionaries in charge of an entire sacrament meeting... so we
arranged musical numbers and had practices, and put together talks etc
and it took about 3 weeks up until literally sacrament meeting started
to pull it off.... but we did it and it wasnt a disaster... BUT then
right afterwards we got asked to teach the youth, and then we had to
drive right to Morristown to rehearse for a musical number for the
missionary Christmas fireside, which took the entire rest of the
day... and then after all of that I found out that our branch council
liked our sacrament meeting so much that they want us to do the same
thing next week for Christmas. Joy. So yes, this week has been super

But last night actually was a blast, because I got to see a ton of
people from when I served in Morristown, including my recent convert,
Chris! :) And people from Scotch Plains and Plainsboro were there too!
It was so much fun.

Well, other than that we had a bunch of good lessons this week, even
though since Melvin got baptized, it seems like we have lost all of
our investigators... we either dropped them, they dropped us, or they
dropped off the face of the planet and we cant get in contact with
them... super depressing. But that's ok. That just means that we gotta
work harder! :D

Something really cool that we all did at Traditions with the Taggarts
was they gave us all a little red box and a piece of paper, and they
told us to take a few minutes to ponder and write down a gift that we
want to give Jesus Christ this next year. So I took that time, and I
really pondered on what He might want from me, and as soon as I
committed to give that gift to Him, I have been working on it every
day, and I have already started feeling different. Sister Taggart
showed us her Christmas gift box, and said that she has been keeping
records of the gifts she has given to Jesus since 1983. I invite you
to do the same if you feel like that would be good for you!

Well I am sorry that I dont have enough money to send all of you a
wonderful Christmas present this year... but know that I love all of
you and I wish you all a merry, MERRY Christmas! :D