August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Monday, July 25, 2016

Let's Do This....

Well this week has been JAM PACKED with adventures. I think this has
been the busiest week of my mission. We went on three exchanges this
week with our sisters who needed some extra help, and it was so much
fun. We all learned a lot and saw SO many miracles! Wow, it is
incredible how much the Lord blesses us when we do our best to obey.
Miracles always happen on exchange. :)

The fun part is that the last exchange we went on was with Sister Hale
and Vanhoven! And guess what? I got to be companions with my beloved
Sister Hale again for a day!!! It was SUCH a party to work with her
and reminisce about old times haha. We literally died laughing at all
the memories and pictures and videos we went back through. So much fun

Then yesterday we had a baptism! Lydia got baptized, and it was such a
sweet experience. Her brother baptized her, and her mother shared her
testimony with all of us. She didn't want it to be a big thing with
lots of people and speakers and everything, so we mainly just had
testimonies, and the spirit was SO strong!

THEN we went to the temple open house with Alan and Amos!!! It was a
blast, and even though the AC didn't work in the van we rode in for
and hour and a half, it was worth it :) The spirit was definitely
there, and the temple is SO beautiful! On the ride back, apparently
Alan and Amos made a pact that whoever gets baptized first has to
baptize the other one ;) so hopefully they are serious, because if not
we are dropping both of them. But they are really good friends with
the Houts (the member fam that took us) So hopefully they will stick

We also got transfer calls last night! I am staying here in Plainsboro
and will be leading out the area for the first time! Sister McAllister
will be getting transferred to be with Sister Wood in Scotch Plains!
In my old apartment! It is so funny how the Lord works. Sister Dean
will be my new companion, and I am super excited because she came out
here with me! We were in the same MTC district! This is going to be a
straight up donkey show with us together haha.

Well I hope you like the pictures!! I love you all and pray you are
doing well! Thank you so much for your support and prayers! MUAH!

Sister Baine