August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Monday, August 8, 2016

Oh man....

Well guess what??? Sister Dean and I attended two baptisms yesterday... And neither of them were ours D': But one of them was Adrienne's!!! She was a lady that Sister McAllister and I taught a while ago before we passed her off to the elders. Her lessons were SO spiritual!! Man, they were awesome, and I love her so much! Then the other was a guy named Vaughn who the Elders have been teaching, but he is in our ward, and he is SO cool! :) I'll send you some cool pics.

But we went on an exchange this week with our Princeton Hermanas, and I went with Sister Acosta... She lived in Arizona, but she is pretty much straight from Mexico haha. It was crazy with all that Mexican blood... Two resourceful Mexicans together was nutso. We almost robbed a bank. Bwaha just kidding... But almost.

But we have been getting fed a lot more this week!!!! Partly because we have been asking all the members if we can come over and then they magically invite us for dinner! See, the members here are really good, they just need a little bit of help haha. But it is super fun to use Facebook to help them send Mormon messages or inspirational quotes to their friends. We call it "Farming Facebook Friends" and if you do it on Friday, then it is FFFF. Quadruple F. And if you do it faithfully, then it is FFFFF. Anyways.

We have also been FaceTiming Mariano nearly every night, which has been really helpful with followup and keeping in contact with him. Facebook is such a blessing! It makes missionary work SO much easier and more effective! Now we don't have to spend 6 hours every day knocking doors with no success! YAY!!!! I am mad I keep forgetting to get pictures with Mariano though... I will this week though.

We also had another meeting today. It was an All Mission conference and training on Facebook. It was really fun... But man I was about to explode... That was so much sitting still.... Thanks Mom for teaching me how to do that in Sacrament meeting... Because that meeting went from literally 9 to 4:30, and that is not counting the hour and a half drive to and from Morristown... It was awful.

Oh yes, and we were also supposed to have an AWESOME Latino festival, but the guy running it (whose name is Juan... And he is a super cool guy, and is our friend) was afraid that there would be thunder and lightening storms, so he cancelled it... But then it was perfect outside all day... But oh well. It got postponed until a couple weeks from now... But Sister Dean and I are super excited for it, because we get to dress up in some SUPER awesome Dominican looking costumes and dance around. Haha back to those golden mascot days... And btw Sister Dean was a mascot too!! She was a Tiger. But I was probably better... And Panthers are better anyways. But it will be fun. :) But yeah, the day that it got cancelled we had to stay out in like 100% humidity for like 100 hours to tell all the people that still showed up for the festival. Afterwards though, Juan took us to this crazy Hispanics house to eat. It was really good though. :) So it was worth it.

Ok... Well sorry I don't have more funny stories to tell you... But next week I will. :) love you all, and hope you guys are having a fabulous summer! Thank you for your prayers and examples! MUAH!

Sister Baine :)