August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Avocados for dayyysssss!!! (6/6)

Hola mi familia y amigos!

My Spanish is getting better! Just kidding I don't know any. BUT! This
week has been super exciting! So many miracles!

We do service at a super awesome food pantry that is run by a guy from
the Spanish branch down here (his name is Juan...) and lately they
have been getting a lot of extra produce, and last time we served
there, they had 10 boxes of avocados!!!! They were all perfectly ripe
too, so Juan gave us a whole box of them! So MANY! So we started
giving everyone avocados!!! It was a super good excuse to see less
actives and members and investigators and random Hispanics that don't
speak English.... his name was also Juan... Anyways. It made things
super fun this week haha.

We also almost had a heart attack this week... We had President Bean
(a member of the mission presidency) text us randomly and ask if he
could come out with us on Thursday evening with his daughter who is
home from college for a while.... WHAT??? I was going crazy all week
long! So we set up an appointment and then he was going to take us to
dinner and then do some leadership training with Sister McAllister and
I. Probably because we are the worst leaders in the mission and need
all the help we can get. So that evening he picks us up and we start
going to our appointment... But then we go the wrong way.. So then we
get there late. And then she doesn't answer the door.... And it was
super embarrassing. But then we did go to dinner... And it was super
good... But I couldn't enjoy it because I was so nervous... I don't
know why because President Bean is SUPER awesome. But because he is so
awesome he is also super intimidating. When we did the training it was
SOOO good!!! It was honestly one of the most inspiring and humbling
experiences on my mission because of how it helped me. We talked all
about what leadership is and he gave us some scriptures and quotes and
a talk and we went through how Jesus Christ is the perfect leader and
how we can follow His example. Man, I could go on and on and on. I
leaned so much!

We had a couple super awesome lessons with this former named Amos this
week too... only the second time he was being super stubborn and
didn't want to cooperate... But then we get out and he texts us that
he might keep reading the Book of Mormon.... GAH! Whatever.. He is
super cool though... And he fed us breakfast at a diner... It was
delicious. The only bad thing was that we had already met at a
different diner that morning right before that for a District Leader
Council meeting. So I got TWO breakfasts!!! Blegh.

Well anyways, I love you all, and I hope you are all doing FABULOUSLY!!!

OH YES!!! And I also forgot to tell you about a crazy experience that
we had with an investigator named Alex! He is super awesome, and we
went to meet with him at a park and everything was great! But then
while Sister McAllister was reading a scripture he noticed a creepy
guy behind us standing super close and listening to everything we were
saying... So we asked if he wanted to come and sit with us while we
talked and we were thinking like oh cool super miracle and a new
investigator! But as soon as he sat down he started going off about
Joseph smith and quoting a bunch of stuff from the bible, and it was
like the devil had just joined us.... He looked and talked just like
Moriarty from Sherlock.... He started going off into a ton of deep
doctrine stuff, and our lesson went downhill fast and we ended up just
leaving, and then our investigator was so confused.... It was awful.
:/ the creepiest part was that this bad guys name was Alex too, and
they were both from Guatemala!!!! It was eerily coincidental. I firmly
believe that Satan planned it all out and sent him to shake our
investigator.... I have a growing testimony of how much influence
Satan has on people in this world. He is being fully unleashed and his
most faithful angels are being sent after Heavenly Fathers most
valiant children. He is so sneaky, but I also know with all of my
heart that with the Gift of Holy Ghost can help us detect deception in
all of its forms and if we obey Christ we will be protected and have
power given to us to combat Satan.  I love you all!!!! Please stay
faithful to the light and truth that you have received!

Love Sister Baine :)

Today we took a walk around Princeton, and it is SO pretty!! I am
going to work to get super rich so that I can go to school here
hahaha, it is like walking through Hogwarts!