August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Who speaks English? (6/27)

Wow!!!! You never know how much people love you until you don't write
them! Sorry for the lack of communication! Last week we had an all
mission conference/ P-day, where the entire mission got together and
played sports and ate lunch and had a grand old time! After a couple
hours of that President Taggart's son, Spencer, spoke to us. He does a
little bit of travel as an inspirational speaker, and told us stories
about his mission and taught us how to be better missionaries. It was
super good and I learned a lot!

Heavenly Father has been being very good to us lately, for which I am
very grateful! So I will start going down the list.
First of all, there is Allan. He was a former investigator that we
called and started meeting with again. We have taught him a couple
times, but he has kind of a problem with faith. He is very
philosophical. But one of the team ups that we brought with us (he
bishops wife) called him a couple days ago, and she said that they
talked on the phone for over an hour about faith and how to tell when
things are tue or not. She has high hopes for him, and we feel like
his heart is slowly softening!

We also have Varsha and Tina and Sreeja. They are roommates and all
from India haha. Sister McCallister and Sister Shaffer found Sreeja a
month or two ago, and we have been trying to meet back with her for a
long time, but the last time that we knocked on their door Varsha
answered and we started teaching her. And then the next time we came
We taught Varsha and Tina, and then the next time it was Varsha and
Sreeja! They keep switching everything up on us, but Varsha is super
prepared, and she said that she would get baptized! So hopefully
everything keeps going well with them!

Then there is Adrienne. Actually let me give you context. So Stefanie
is a lady in our ward that works for a company called Vivint, and she
goes from door to door offering solar to people. Well she is also a
GREAT missionary because she talks to everyone about the gospel too,
and gives the missionaries tons of referrals. She doesn't work in our
area, so she mainly gives them to the other two sets of elders who
work close by. But when she met this one sweet lady named Adrienne,
she said she would prefer to meet with sisters. We have plans to hand
her off to the elders soon anyways, but holy tolito is Adrienne
prepared! She has had some deaths in the family in the past few years,
and when we taught her the Plan of Salvation, the spirit was SO
strong!! She shared so many cool experiences with us! She accepted a
baptismal invitation, and we are going to set her on date tomorrow! We
have taught her the restoration since then and the spirit was just as
strong! Then yesterday she came to church and brought her daughter and
two friends with her as well!!! We are so excited!!!

There have also been a couple other people that we have found that
could potentially progress towards baptism, and we have been
cultivating really good relationships with the ward lately too. God is
being very good to us! Thank you all for your prayers!!! I love and
miss you very much!

Sister Baine 😊