August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Who you gonna call???

Well.... Words cannot really describe this week... Imagine the
scariest, craziest, most life threatening roller coaster that you
could ever dream of... And then throw it off a cliff. That is pretty
much how this week went.

We went on another exchange this week... It is crazy that now as STLs
we have 3 less companionships of sisters to cover, but we are going on
the same amount of exchanges because they need so much help! Good
thing I love them haha. We had fun, but man sometimes you just want to
go to their rooms until they are ready to be nice and talk things out
with each other... Actually that is pretty much what we did.

I also got a wee bit sick this week. But nothing too terrible. I just
might have nose cancer. Just kidding. It was a sore throat for a
couple days, and then the dreaded congestion. But lucky for me, my
wonderful mother basically prepared me with our entire medicine
cabinet from home. So I had some drugs to take to help. And I am
feeling 98% better now. :)

But despite it being hard to work and super crazy this week, Heavenly
Father has been blessing us with miracles. We have a less active that
lives not to far from us that we have started visiting, and she is SO
awesome. She is living with a guy and they are so funny. She hasn't
been active since she was a youth, and he isn't a member, so it is
like we are starting over with investigators. Neither of them were
super thrilled about the idea of us coming over once a week to talk to
them about the gospel, so we had to come up with a different way to go
about it... So we went over there the other day and told them that we
didn't have a lot of investigators to teach right now, but we still
wanted to practice teaching people, and asked if they would be willing
to let us practice on them. And they said yes! She was actually super
excited about it, and she was going on and on about how they could
offer a really unique perspective on what we teach, and who knows?
Maybe they will actually learn something as they help us! Hahaha they
are so awesome, so we are going to start "teaching them" this week! I
mean, at the very least, we will become a lot better teachers because
of it! :D Missionaries are so sneaky...

We also called and set up an appointment with a former investigator
from Ghana, so that will be super fun. It is SO hard to understand
those people on the phone, but they are SO awesome hahaha. He was kind
of upset though, because he said that every time he would get close
with the missionaries and be going great, they would get transferred
and then he would have to go through the whole entire process again
the new ones... He has a could friends in the ward though, so that's
good. I know that members are the best way to help that problem
because they can provide the support that the investigators need,
rather than the missionaries doing it... But if any of you have
suggestions of things that might help as well, let me know!

We also helped out a less active, and dumped her alcohol bottles out
onto the grass... There was one that was 20% alcohol!!! Actually I
don't know that much about alcoholic beverages... But that just seems
like a lot. I was tempted to drink it... But I didn't. It smelled like
vanilla though. Now the grass will grow super well in that area.

Also, I want y'all to send me some super awesome finding ideas! We are
getting kind of bored out here, and it is getting SUPER hot and humid,
which makes it even harder to be happy haha. So if you have any fun
ideas, let me know! :)

This week we also had interviews with President Taggart, and holy
tolito.... He is going to be the prophet someday. When I walked into
the room with him, it felt like I was in the Celestial Room in the
temple. He stared straight into my soul, but all I felt was love from
him. I know that God chooses who our leaders are going to be. I know
it, and I am so thankful for His love. I would literally be sunk
without it.

Well sorry I don't have more exciting news for you... I will do
something super crazy this week so I have funny stories to tell you
next time. I love you all!!!! Have a TERRIFFICAL week! MUAH!

Sister Baine :)

 This picture is not my best one... But at least I am smiling.... Love you mom.