August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Monday, December 7, 2015


Aren't you so impressed with my language skills? I'm getting pretty good at Canadian too A.

But how was your Thanksgiving?!?! Are you 89lbs heavier? Haha its funny because Thanksgiving wasn't actually that bad for us. We only had one dinner appointment to worry about, and we didn't even eat that much, but now that its over we are getting everyone's leftover pie... So we have like 3 different pies in our fridge and we don't know what to do with it... except eat it for every meal...

And before we ate dinner on Thanksgiving we had a big Turkey Bowl with some of the zones from our mission. (For the nerds like me who didn't know what that was, a Turkey Bowl is a football game on Thanksgiving.) The zone leaders did a draft and Sister Roundy and I were put on different teams... which was sad. But what was even more sad was that my team didn't win ANY games!!!! We split the football field in half shortways and  two teams played against each other on each side. And out of the 5 matches that we played my team lost all of them hahaha, but its ok, because we had fun anyways... and I got to repeatedly let my anger out by pushing elders to the ground when they went after our quarterback... Just kidding. But I did accidentally backhand an elder in the face REALLY hard... I don't think it did anything, but I felt bad because he was on my team... and it probably hurt... I guess I was just missing Ethan right then.... Then after we were done playing football we played soccer. I don't really know how to play soccer, but Sister Roundy does and she is super good, so she has been teaching me some cool moves during our morning workouts. So I am pretty much going to be a professional soccer player when I get home...

Well for the rest of this week we have been visiting a lot of less actives. We have seen some miracles come of it, but it is still a little bummy because we don't have that many investigators at the moment. We have dropped a lot who aren't progressing and then baptized the others, so now it is like we are starting all over from when we got here. But we did teach the super cool family we found last week! Their names are Steve and Samantha, and they have three cute little boys! Their youngest is three, but he reminds me so much of Johnny when he was younger! He even has his front tooth missing!
Can I brag about our recent converts for a minute though??? Chris and Alexis are progressing in the gospel by LEAPS and BOUNDS!!! It is so amazing to see them still accepting everything and flourishing in the church! Chris called us randomly on Thanksgiving and said, " So I have been being obedient for a while, and I can't see anything in the next few days that would prevent me from continuing to be obedient, so what's the next step?" WHAT?!?!?! CHRIS IS SO AWESOME! He continued by asking what else there was to work on in the gospel, and we told him that the next step for him would be to get the priesthood and then get some names to go to the temple with! and guess what? He had his priesthood interview with bishop yesterday and is planning on getting it this week! We also started on his family history work, and have already been able to connect a line in! He was soooo excited and called his grandmother the next day to get more information to put into his family tree. Then he also called us yesterday to tell us a miracle that happened with his mom, (because even though we told him to invite her, apparently she had no idea that he had gotten baptized and was a little upset about it) and then said that he was pulling into the gas station to get some food. We were like "Chris! Why are you buying food on Sunday!!" And he said "What?? What do you mean why am I buying food on Sunday?! I want some snacks to keep me awake in the car!" Apparently he had forgotten that it was part of keeping the Sabbath day holy to prepare before hand so we don't have to make purchases on Sunday. But GUESS WHAT?!?! The second we explained it to him, he said he was pulling out of the gas station!!! He didn't even hesitate or get mad or anything!!! He just got back on the freeway and kept driving!!! WHAT?!?!? He is probably going to be a prophet someday. Just kidding but he is still awesome.
Then guess what Alexis did?! She came to church yesterday to the first two hours even though she was ordered by a doctor to stay on bedrest until her surgery! She came all the way to church to take the sacrament and stay for as long as she could! She is so impressive!!!!! I mean when I was home, sometimes I would stay home from church just because I had a slight tingle in my throat and a pain in my head. This woman has herniated discs in her lower back that she has to get surgery to help and has a billion other health issues and she STILL makes it to church! She is way cooler than you are!!! Just kidding. You are all very cool. And I love you all. I am so proud of her though. I pray we can all follow these wonderful examples of souls that have truly been converted to the Lord! ...However Alexis did end up going to the ER last night.... so maybe don't push yourself too hard... haha but at least she got the SACRAMENT!!!!
Ok, juan more miracle. We went over to visit a family that we hadn't seen in a while, but we wanted to see her before we considered dropping her completely. She invited us right in and we started teaching her the plan of Salvation. Well, shortly after the lesson began, her husband who she had previously said wasn't religious at all, came in and sat down. So we began to include him in the lesson as well, and the spirit was SOOO strong! As we went through, they kept saying "that makes so much sense! I've always wondered about that!" Then close to the end, we asked the husband if Jesus Christ were standing in the room right then, what would he ask Him. He said that he would ask Christ if he would ever see his parents again. We asked him to pray about that tonight and ask that question in his prayer and he said he would! Then we were able to testify to him as representatives of Jesus Christ Himself, that he would see his parents again! It was such an incredible moment! I am so thankful for the Holy Ghost!!!!

Well, everyone says that it is usually a lot colder in winter by now, but for the most part the weather has actually stayed fairly nice for it almost being December! *she types as she knocks on the wooden table* We haven't gotten any snow yet, and it feels like it is just starting to get cold, so hopefully that means that Heavenly Father is having mercy on me and won't turn me into a popsicle quite yet...
I love you all so mucho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😘 Thank you so much for your prayers because Heaven knows I need themmmmm!!!!!! Please don't EVER give the missionaries pie. They are fat enough as it is... unless you move to somewhere like Russia... Then you can probably give them pie. How do you say pie in Russian?
MUAH!!!! ❤
Sister Baine