August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merrrrrrrrrrrry Christmaaaaasssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. This has been the second longest week of my life. The first being the week I came into the mission field haha.

Plainfield is awesome and I have already had so many adventures here haha. Sister Hale keeps telling me all the crazy stories about the loco people who live here... and at first I thought she was joking. Sometimes I still think she is joking... she just likes to scare me... but then again...

Anyways, story time! So my first night in the area we were driving to an appointment and found out that we were going the wrong way, so Sister Hale pulled a u-turn and driving back, but then all the cars started honking at us, and we realized that WE WERE GOING THE WRONG WAY ON A ONE WAY STREET!!!!! WHAT?!?!? We were scared for our lives for a minute... but then we flipped back around and everything was fine. Then the next day it was my turn to drive and I was parking and didnt see that there was a dip in the parking spot and I was really close to the curb, and so it totally messed up the front bumper... So neither of us are very good drivers.... -_- Then I almost ran someone over... but Heavenly Father is merciful, so everything is good. 

So we were door knocking the other night and we met a ton of cool people, but then we knocked on this house and a guy opened the door. We started sharing some of the awesome Gospel with him, but then he said he was an atheist and wasn't really interested. That made me really sad because I can't even imagine how hard life must be without a belief in God, so we left him with a pamphlet and our number and said to call us if he ever had a hard time and wanted to learn about God.... Well about an hour later we got a text... from someone who said they wished to remain anonymous... but then we found out that it was him... and he said we had beautiful eyes... and that he wanted to come to church and speak to our bishop.... and then he asked if he could ask us a personal question... and by this point we had really stopped responding hahahaha... We didn't ever hear back from him... and he never showed up at church... but it was still creepy.

Then we went out the next night and knocked on this lady's door, and Sister Hale recognized her and she let us in immediately! She was so nice and sweet, and said that she would be right back to go get something, and while she was out of the room I noticed this cute little puppy curled up sleeping on a little puppy bed in the front room! I was like "oh who is this?!" and went to go pet it...  and Sister Hale was like "uh Sister..." and when I pet it it was the freakiest thing!!!! It was a TAXIDERMIED PUPPY!!!!!!! It was totally a fake dog sleeping in their living room!!!! it felt so weird!!! And then Sis Hale just busted up laughing at me... I just pretended like nothing happened....

THEN, We went to a ward Christmas Breakfast and the had such yummy food! There were waffles and eggs and fruit and sausage! It was great and we had a lot of investigators there that we were sitting with! It was a ton of fun! So I went up to get my food, and they had like 5 different kinds of syrup to put on the waffles, but there was this blueberry smoothie kind that I wanted to try. So I put it all over my waffle and sat down. Sister Hale asked me what kind of syrup I got and I told her blueberry smoothie... and she was like "uhh... Sister..." and as I took a bite.... I realized that it wasn't blueberry smoothie... It was mashed up black bean paste... I had slathered bean smoothie all over my waffles.... -_- The whole table thought that was pretty hilarious... Then my fork busted in half and they laughed at that too... as long as we get a baptism out of it...

TTHHEENN!!!! We were rinsing out the baptismal font for a scheduled baptism we had yesterday, and it was nasty!!!! There were like  gross hairs stuck all over the walls of the font! And we had to hurry because we had a meeting right after that with the ward mission leader, So I was using this bucket to splash water all over the walls to rinse it all off... and then the bucket slipped out of my hands and water went EVERYWHERE! It splashed up onto the mirror above and all over me!!!! -_- I did my best to keep my coat over my wet skirt during the meeting... but it was still pretty bad

Ok. Enough of this silly Sister Baine nonsense... time to talk about some miracles!
So we were eating dinner really fast before going back out again to work, and Sister Hale says that she thinks it is time to visit Sandy again. Sandy is this Jewish lady that the missionaries caroled to last year, and she wasn't really interested, but lately she has had a couple of family members die, and last time they went back to see her, she was very receptive to the message they had to share. Well, after dinner we went back to see Sandy and try a couple of other people, and her house was pitch black. Not to mention that we had to go down some super sketchy steps to get to her. But we knocked a couple of times and rang the doorbell, and finally she answered. She was in her nightgown, and at first I thought she was going to yell at us for coming by so late, but then she just burst out crying and said "I can't believe you girls are here! Thank you so much for coming!" She told us that her mother and her son in law had just died in the past two weeks, and we could tell she was so distraught. We read a scripture with here about spirits and said a prayer with her, and she asked if we would come back after the holidays and teach her. Of course!!!! It was such a miracle to be able to talk to her!

Well Plainfield is unlike any place I have ever been in my entire life, but I am so thankful to be here. I am already being blessed with a love for the people here, and Sister Hale is being such a blessing to me! She just got out of training, so I am supposed to be greenie busting her and acting as senior companion, but really, I feel like I am being trained all over again. Heavenly Father is definitely humbling me! But I am thankful for what I am learning. 

We had our missionary Christmas party this week, and I had no idea I was so loved! Thank you all for the packages and letters! Sister Hale and I sang "Where are you Christmas" for the party, and it was going to be super awesome, but then I forgot like half of my parts... but its all good... 

It doesn't even feel like Christmas here haha. It is really just barely starting to get cold, and there hasn't been any snow yet.. it is supposed to be like 70 degrees on Christmas day... but oh well. It will still be awesome! I love you all and I pray that you have a merry Christmas!!!! BE GOOD FOR SANTA!!!

Seester Baine