August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Monday, November 23, 2015

You're just jealous...

Hola Mi Familia y Amigos!!!!

Do you gusta my Espanol? Haha We here in Jersey call it Spanglish. 

But HOLY TOLITO this week has been JAM PACKEDDDD!!!!!! But since I don't want to take 82 years telling you every little detail (which would probably be a little TMI) I wanted to tell you about the most important thing that happened this week! I GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!! It was our zone's turn to go to the temple this Wednesday, and it was one of the coolest experiences of my wee life! The day before I  felt like I needed to fast to prepare myself, and it was such a miracle, because a lot of times I have trouble keeping my thoughts focused on missionary work 24/7. But as I looked back that night, I realized that Heavenly Father had truly blessed me with that ability to keep my thoughts in check, on Jesus Christ and the work, and the Spirit with me. What better way for Heavenly Father to help prepare me? 

Anyways, it became apparent that morning throughout our journeys and adventures on the way to the temple that we were going to be very pressed for time before the session started. Through a series of events we barely made it to the temple with an hour to spare. However, my Angel Mother had sent me some family names to do while I am out here on my mission, but they still needed to be printed and have their inititories done! So I went and talked to one of the temple workers, and she said that there should be enough time to get it all done, but then she disappeared to go do the names for the session! In that moment, I realized that the names that I wad holding were just as important and special as anyone else that I could help on my mission. Helping them make covenants is just as crucial as helping Chris and Alexis make covenants! So I went back down and begged one of the workers who was doing clothing if she would be willing to help and do just the two inititories before the session! And she did! She and one of the other Senior Sisters did the work and we were able to make the session with five minutes to spare! It was such a miracle!!!! The session was AMAZING!!! I learned more and made more connections in that session than I ever have before! Sister Roundy and I were the last ones to leave the Celestial Room, and it was so special. I am so thankful for temples. They are without a doubt, Holy Places of God. 

The next day we went to Ellis Island again, which is always fun. However, because it was miserable and rainy outside and also because of all the scary things that have been going on lately on the News about New York and other things in the world, there wasn't a lot of activity there... but it was still fun. 
It has been such a busy week... But it will always be that way. This is a busy world. There will always be things to do and places to go and people to see. There will always be a list of things to check off and responsibilities to follow through with. Appointments to make and time to spend is always going to be a struggle. The clock is merciless. We live our lives from time to time and o'clock to o'clock. And then what happens? We have no time left! We look back and say "What in the freak just happened? WHERE DID THE TIME GO???" That is how i have already been feeling! I only have like 14 months left on my mission!!!!!!!! WHAT?!?!?! It is going by so fast and i don't even remember what I did! I have been looking for a cure for this problem. I have seriously been searching for something to make this time more meaningful. AND GUESS WHAT? HEAVENLY FATHER ANSWERED MY PRAYER! We went to a mini training this week before our interviews, they talked about this exact thing. You know what they said could be a solution? Do the hard things. Out here sometimes we missionaries tend to avoid doing the things that are hard for us, like knocking doors, or comp inventory, or weekly planning, or role plays. They aren't always fun! They are awkward and lame! Yet that is what I am called to do! When we do the hard things, we are making our mission more memorable. The clock will keep ticking, but we will look back and see at all the fears we faced. Maybe the hard thing is to stop for a time. Be with the family. Maybe the hard thing is to trust someone. Maybe the hard thing is to take time to read your scriptures. I don't know what your hard thing is.... but I know that God knows. And he will show you how you can make every minute of your life meaningful, so that you can look back at a time saturated with faith. And then when you don't do the hard things, that will be meaningful too! :)

Ok, well I will get off my soap box now. What is a soap box? Anyways, I hope that you are all doing well, even though there are some scary things going on in the world. I love you all so much and I am so thankful for your prayers and letters! You are all amazing and make sure that you love your family for rmeeeee!!!!!!!!
Sister Baine

P.S. It was also Sister Roundy's birthday this Sunday!!!!! Happy Birthdayyyyy!!!!! She is 21 and now legal to drink!!! yippeeee!!!!!! We had a party... But anyways... I love her so much, so please pray for her too.... even though she is a silly girl.

We went over to a member's house for dinner and she had TWO birthday cakes!!! We had a right jolly time!!!