August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Monday, September 7, 2015

Ellis Island


So...... I am officially a month and two days old!!!!!!!!!! I entered
the MTC on August 5th! And now I'm pretty much pro... Just kidding I'm
pretty much no. All your emails are so awesome!!!!! It is awesome to
hear from youuuu! I can seriously feel your prayers!

Well this is pretty much the best area in the whole entire world. Never
in my whole entire life have I ever been in a ward that was so
awesome. The bishop is so cool, and introduced us to the ward as the
best missionaries ever. Our ward mission leader is a former stake
president and high council member. Everyone that got up for fast and
testimony meeting talked about how they had been doing missionary work
and loved the gospel. We have some recent converts who are literally
setting up appointments with less actives and inviting us to go to
them! We are getting meals at least twice a week and Bishop says that
he wants every family in the Ward, especially less actives to have us
over for dinner at least once a month. (I am never going to eat
anything but dinner until I leave....) and they are all so nice!!! I
prolly already said this once before in my letters, but I feel so
spoiled!!!! I already know I am going to be so sad when I leave

Do you know how important it is to talk? It is SO important to talk.
Especially to your companion. Sis Roundy and I had the best experience
with comp inventory this week. Honestly it felt like the process of
repentance for me. I was so unwilling to talk, and because of that it
was impairing our ability to work together and have the spirit. I was
prideful and didn't want to admit that some things were bothering me
and I was having a hard time. But the Lords promises are real! He gave
me the impression that I needed to talk things out with her, and as I
relied on the Atonement to give me the ability to do so, it was such a
rewarding experience. I feel so light and happy now!!! The Atonement
TRULY does heal all pain and discomfort and Christ keeps His promises.
He will never leave you comfortless. I PROMISE YOU!!! If you humble
yourself to allow your Savior to help you, HE WILL! AHH!!! I just love
the Atonement so much! I could talk and testify about it all day!
...but I won't cuz that's not practical.

So we got to go to Ellis Island this week! It was so cool! And I
promise you will all get souvenirs :-) We work at the National Museum
of Immigration and help people find their family members that came
through Ellis Island. It is super cool, and is an awesome way to
practice family history!

So the mission president and his wife live in our area and go to our Ward, and the other day Sis Taggart came to work with us for a couple hours in the evening... She is so funny hahaha literally she is the best. I thought I would be super nervous, but she is so cute and awesome.

Uhhh.... So I don't really know what to talk about.... Except that it is so cool when investigators finally begin to trust you. There is such a difference between those who trust you and those who don't because the ones who don't can't understand anything you try to teach them! They ask questions not to understand but to challenge. I love these people though. It is hard to really find who is poor in spirit here though. Everyone is usually so wealthy. That we have to dig a little bit to learn people's hearts, but it's so great. I love it here and the leaves are finally starting to change color!

Ok, well I love you all so much!!!!! You are the BEST!!!!!! 😘

-sis Baine :)