August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Monday, September 28, 2015


Why hello there everyone.

This week has been mega cray cray! Sooo busy! Sooo good though! It is amazing how God will never let you fail when you are on His errand. AHH I want to tell you everything I have been learning!!! But that would take like 87 years and we all know that when I start talking about what I am learning about the Gospel, I take up a half an hour in my farewell talk.

So George didn't get baptized. 😢But we are still going to be working on him! It probably wasn't very good of us to be cramming everything into him that we had to teach him this week, because I don't think he really had time to gain a testimony of it. We met with him every day to go over the commandments with him, but for whatever reason, he never told us he had a problem with drinking coffee! Even when we were practicing the baptismal questions! That means we probably did something bad on our end because it shows he may not fully trust us... which makes me sad. But we will work on that. So when George came out of the interview, he was kinda bummed, but there is no whey in the protein that we are going to let him give up! He is so amazing, and I just love him so much! Did I mention that He is a WWII vet? Its true! He was in the marine corps and his brother was in the navy! He is just the best.

So Guess WHAT?! A miracle happened! Even though that shouldn't be much of a surprise, it is still just so amazing the things that Heavenly Father sees and plans for His children. So every Thursday is our walking day right? So we basically fast from using our car. Well last Thursday we had an appointment that we thought might not be that far away to walk to, so we started walking... Well it turned out to be WHEY farther than we thought, but there wasn't really much else we could do at that moment but keep walking. So we did. As we were walking, we met this super wonderful woman at a cross-walk named Alexis. We started talking with her a little bit, and she was super open and sweet, and almost one of the first questions she asked was "what is the difference between your temples and your churches?" WHAT? Like the perfect question ever to lead into all sorts of awesome gospel conversations! So we invited her to come to church with us on Sunday! She accepted, and we exchanged numbers so we could keep in contact. We said goodbye, and then we turned around to keep walking and what do we realize? We are right in front of one of the housing complexes that a family in our ward lives in. So we go knock on the door and ask desperately for a ride. Sis Allen (the member mom) says that of course she can give us a ride to our appointment. She said that we had come at exactly the right time because she was just about to take her young (CUTE) son to kindergarten. As we were driving she mentioned to us that she was really grateful that we stopped by because she hadn't been feeling the greatest and really needed to do that service for us. It was such a blessing!!!

Well, Alexis texted us and told us she was sorry that she couldn't come to church with us like she had planned, but then she asked if there was a time that we could set up to meet! WHAT? So we have already taught her two lessons, and she came to the Womens Conference, AND she came to church the next day, AND she is praying about a baptismal date (she told us that she wants to be on the "fast track" for baptism), AND we have another appointment with her this week. WWHHAATTT?!?!?!? MIRACLESSS!!!!!! There are even so many more miracles that I can't even describe... just kidding I'll describe one more. So on our way to our first appointment with Alexis, we got caught in traffic, and we were already running a few minutes late, so we ended up being a HALF AN HOUR LATE to her appointment... we are terrible missionaries. BUT! The member that we had as a team up to go with us got there right on time, and they were able to talk and discuss things until we got there! All the members of our ward are SO NICE!!!! They seriously save us on Sundays because we have so many investigators coming with us to church that its like a mad house, and I my companion and I can't split up! So it is such a blessing that whenever we ditch one investigator to take a different one to class, the members always pick up the slack and talk to them or lead them in the direction of where to go. ALWAYS BE THAT KIND OF MEMBER!!!!!!! ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS!!! Talk to the new people at church and love them and befriend them! If for no other reason but to help the missionaries out! But if you start doing that, the rest will come.

But the Women's Conference though!!!!!! IT WAS MAGNIFICENT!!!! It was honestly just what I needed! Just what all of us sisters needed apparently, because the spirit was SO strong! Everything was just SO inspired! I can't wait to listen to it over and over again and get more and more out of Elder Uchtdorf's parable. I just love the word of the Lord. God is just the best, isn't He?!

Anyways... Umm well I guess something else that you might find interesting is that I got a free pair of Nike tennis shoes. Seriously, a pair of brand- new, white and blue Nike tennis shoes were left in our apartment when we moved in. And I was like, "sweet! If no one claims them and asks for them back I am totally going to wash them and wear them." And so I did! ...I should have taken a picture... I'll send you one next week.

So we are doing a Family History booth this Saturday! Im super excited!!! I will probably be talking all about it in my next email.

I love you all SO SO SO SO much!!!!! I love your letters and emails and especially your prayers. You are all fabulous and PRECIOUS children of Heavenly Father, and He loves you SOOOOO much more than  even your mother could. Not even joking. Keep being such great examples! And remember: Once a member, always a missionary!!! (that's the new slogan we made up for our ward 😄)

Sister Baine! :)

 fall is coming to NJ!!!!! this is the view of the yard from our back porch! :)