August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Monday, September 28, 2015


So this week has been kinda weird... and yes I am sorry I am writing so late.... Like I said it has been kind of a weird week... But we have someone on date to be baptized!!! He is a 92 year- old man named George! Actually, almost all of our investigators have accepted a baptismal invitation, but we just have to set a date we can work for! I guess that is the beauty of committing to baptism in the first lesson...
Anyways! Fun fact, we got to help out in a soup kitchen for the first time this week! We will be doing it as a service project every Friday from now on... The homeless people in this fancy part of Jersey are not at all like the homeless people I've ever seen anywhere else though haha. They are pretty nicely kept hobos... Funny story though... so last week on Thursday we were riding the train home from an appointment, and we met a man named Nique at the station and talked to him a little about the Gospel, you know gave him a card and everything. Well he was actually one of the people that came in to the soup kitchen to get food on Friday! It was cool to get to talk to him again... but he barely even remembered us haha, thats ok.
So on Saturday we did a value color run with the Young Women because we had an investigator there named Stephanie, and it was so fun!!! I didn't get as colored as I wanted to, but thats ok, because it was still awesome. I wish I were still in Young Womens sometimes haha. They had some cool Taylor Swift music playing though, and it was SO hard for me not to dance! The funniest part though was that we did the color run in the parking lot of the church right? Well, we didnt know that there was apparently a big huge meeting going on that day with some missionaries and even an area 70 for some service thing!! So while we are all out there covered in colored chalk watching these beehives dance their hearts out, Elders from the mission are walking up in their nice white shirts and suits asking us what was going on haha. We are just glad that the area seventy didn't see us! It was a blast though. 

We have still been seeing tons of miracles this week! God is so good, and He loves us so much. I love hearing from all of you!!! Please keep me posted on everything that has been going on! I love you so much! Sorry this letter is kind of short... But I will make it up to you next week haha!