August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Monday, August 29, 2016

El Diablo

Sacred beef this week though.... You will never believe it....

So first of all, we had a general authority, Elder Dube from the 70
come visit our mission for a couple of days, and he was so awesome!!
We had a mission leadership council on Wednesday and he came to speak
to us at the chapel in Newark. We were driving on our way there with
one of our zone leaders and one of the APs because they had been on
exchange, and hit a bunch of traffic (also because we thought we would
be early and stopped at chick filet), and we ended up getting there
late right as they were singing the opening hymn.... It was super
embarrassing... But the meeting was so amazing and Elder Dube is from
Zimbabwe and he is so funny. But after the meeting Sister Dean and I
went up to him to say sorry for being late and to shake his hand. He
was so cool, but then the assistants grabbed us before we left, and
said that Elder Dube wanted to have personal interviews with us....
What. We thought we were so busted... But it was a super neat
experience to talk one on one with a General Authority. He interviewed
a couple others too... But We were the only sisters.... Which could be
really good or really bad. Either way, it was definitely a highlight
of my life.😁

Also, I don't remember if I have ever told you about our investigator
Donald. Donald is not his real first name, but he is from Nigeria, and
we don't know how to pronounce his real first name, so we just call
him Donald haha. But he was supposed to come to church and didn't -_-
so we were sad about that... We had a great lesson with him though,
and he started reading the Book of Mormon and when we told him how it
was written for us to apply to our lives in this time he was so
impressed and then basically told US all the how to begin teaching
bullet points in Preach My Gospel! He said that he is convinced in his
heart that what we are saying is true, and that if he could, he would
get baptized in two weeks! He opened up to us and he is concerned
about how his wife will take this because she already has a church...
So we invited him to kneel down and pray that night about this, and
the next day we skyped him and he said that he had just gotten two
jobs that he had applied for!!!!!! He was so excited and we could not
believe the miracles he had seen!!! He said that he would definitely
pray on his knees from then on haha! He has still been struggling a
bit with his wife though, so please pray for him and that her heart
will be softened!
Ok, then on Friday we had another conference with Elder Dube for the
South half of the mission, and it was even better than the first time
I heard him.... Man I love the Gospel. Being out here serving in New
Jersey is the best thing ever. I love it so much, and I am so thankful
that Heavenly Father has been blessing me with His spirit so much
lately. I love teaching the gospel, and even though it is hard, I
don't ever want to do anything else for the rest of my life. I BELIEVE
IN MIRACLES!!! I know that they are real, and that miracles are proof
that faith is a real power, and that Heavenly Father knows us
individually and hears our prayers. I know that Joseph Smith is  the
one that brought that knowledge back to the earth when he had the
First Vision in response to his prayer. He restored the truth about
who Heavenly Father and His Son are and our relationship with Them. I
love it!!!

Ok, then the last adventure is the Latino Festival we got to help with
 on Saturday.... Holy goodness that was a literal donkey show.... They
had all of the Hispanic countries represented there and the food was
SOOOO good!!!! But I didn't really get to enjoy it because..... I was
in a costume... Yeah, they had these giant 45lb devil costumes from
the Dominican Republic that we took turns wearing haha. We had to keep
switching about every 45 mins because it was so hot and they were so
heavy.... It was literally like wearing a 45lb sleeping bag and we
were SOAKED with sweat afterwards. We were SUPER sore the next day
haha but it was so fun. 😁

Ok.... Love you all so mucho!!! MUAH! ❤️