August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Monday, May 2, 2016


Guess what? I am getting transferred again! I am going to
Plainsborough to be an STL with Sister McCallister. Sister McConkie
will be staying here to hold down the fort and train the next STL.
This will be super fun, because the way they are doing it is now
instead of covering two zones worth of sisters, we will be splitting
them, so I will still be working with the same sisters I was last
time! It will be an adventure! Haha the apartment I will be moving
into is SUPER small though. One of the members in the ward converted
their garage into an apartment, so I will be living in the smallest
apartment in the mission! YEAH!!! It does have a small kitchen though,
and a washer and dryer, so that will be super nice to not pay for
laundry. I will be sad to leave though...

Ok... What happened this week. We have been working with this less
active member to help him get back to the temple, and had a great
lesson with him this last week. He is doing super well despite all the
challenges he is going through, and we asked him to bear his testimony
in Sacrament meeting, and it was SO powerful! It was so cute to see
this old, x-biker get up and cry at the pulpit.
Man, it is going to be super hard to leave though... Before I came,
the sisters were having a baptism every month, and being super
successful, then I got here and we realized that it might not have
been the best thing in the world after all, because now we have 8
recent converts to take care of, and no solid ward to help support
them. And right now all of our recent converts are struggling... So we
have been spending a lot of time helping them while we have been
helping the ward get themselves figured out... And it has been crazy
haha. So I am glad I broke the baptizing streak... In a way. We found
out that in order to be a ward instead of a branch, you have to have
15 temple-worthy Melchezideck priesthood holders... And we think we
may be bordering around 10 ish.... So we have been really working on
helping to solidify the ward.

BUT now I am leaving.... So that will be exciting... ANYWAYS! Sorry
this is short.