August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Monday, April 25, 2016

Since you been gone.... (Apr 18)

Ok. So this week. Was madness. We had a big meeting and two exchanges
back to back... And I am almost ashamed to say I had to take a nap
during lunch break afterwards... But it was super fun! Helping people
is the absolute greatest...

I got pulled over again... But not really because we were already
pulled over with our hazards on, and Mr. Popo was just making sure we
were alright. So we left him with a card.

We also went mall contacting, and went to this shop that sold like
lotions and body wash and stuff, and had an awesome lesson with the
lady that works there! We are going back tonight to see if she read
the Book of Mormon haha. We also met this young lady there that sells
these super annoying toy dog things.... We gave her a Book of Mormon
too.... It was pretty exciting... So pray that when we go back to talk
to them tonight, they won't call the mall popos on us.

Umm... What else happened this week. We went to find a former
investigator a couple days ago, and it turns out she lives in the
fanciest retirement village I have ever seen. They have this huge gate
when you drive up and you stop at the window if you are a visitor, and
the security asks you who you are there to see. Well when they asked
us, we told them the name, and the address we had for them, and they
called their phone number. Of course they didn't pick up, so they told
us to go in, turn around and come back out. When we did, we saw all
kinds of fountains and fancy houses and a roller coaster... Ok there
wasn't a roller coaster. But if you ever want to live in a super duper
safe retirement village, I know exactly where you should go.

When I was on exchange, we got done with a lesson at the library, and
were walking to the car when this random girl says to me "I like your
skirt." (Btw, that was the skirt that Grandma Rogers got for me...
Thanks!) And then we ended up having a mini lesson with her, and a
return appointment! Miracles happen on exchange!

Yeah, so I am trying to make these stories sound super interesting...
But I can't think of anything else.... So I love you all, and I am so
thankful for Heavenly Father's mercy!!!! He is so nice!!!!

Sister Baine :)

So I forgot to tell you, our zone has a theme, and we have decided
that we are the zone of Jedi Knights. It works because we both have
the force, we both have temples, we both have trainers and
apprentices, and we both fight against the dark side! So I drew this
interpretation of a comp inventory between Sister McConkie and I haha.
And then I discovered where Santa lives. He lives in East Brunswick,
New Jersey. I captured a picture of his sleigh.
And I finally made it to see the boardwalk! I didn't take too many
pictures, because it was kind of cold, but it is super pretty.
And then that is me and Sister Charles on exchange. Sister Charles
also got trained by Sister Roundy, so it was kind of fun to spend some
time with my "sister" in the mission. :)