August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Here we go again...

What do I say? One word says it all..... Just kidding there is no way
I could say everything in one word.... Other than SOUTH! We are so far
away from everything that it takes a 2 hour drive to get to the
mission meetings. But as Uncle Alex says, that is really not that far
to how it was for him in Australia.... But it seems far when my
companion can't drive. Yeah, so guess who has to drive 24/7? THIS BAD
DRIVER! She has literally feared for her life she says.... -_-

Anyways, yes, we are down south now. We are at the JERSEY SHORE! I
haven't been to it yet, but apparently there is a boardwalk and beach
and the whole shabang  down at the end of our area, only it has been a
little chilly this week, so we haven't gone yet. I am really surprised
at how country it feels here... There are quiet beach towns, and long
stretches of road that go on forever. It is really pretty here, and a
really large part of all the residences here are OLD PEOPLE. I love
the aged and experienced though... And there are a lot of retirement
homes here.

We are working with a lot of recent converts and less actives here
too.... It is really hard to find, because besides the retirement
neighborhoods, there is really just a lot of highways, so the main
streets here aren't very main, and there aren't very many people
walking around. BUT!!! That means we have to get creative and use our
recourses and finding tools to our advantage.... We have to be
resourceful Mexicans.

Other than exploring and feeling very very lost and wondering what I
am doing.... There hasn't been a lot of exciting things that have been
going on.... So I will tell you the wonderful things that I am
learning by the power of the Holy Ghost.

I have had it made manifest to me that families are the center of
everything. Families are most important. Baptism is not the end goal,
it is going to the temple. Why? Because it is in the temple where we
make covenants that bind us to our heavenly families, and allow our
family relationships to remain the same forever. That is why we do
everything in the gospel and work in the Kingdom.... It is for
families. Because the Holy Ghost taught me this, I know that it is
true, because the Spirit only testifies of things that are true.

Also, I know that obedience is the most important thing! When we are
obedient, we have the spirit and are happy. When we are disobedient,
the spirit cannot be with us, and we can not experience the full joy
and blessings that have the potential to claim. Exact obedience to the
commandments and rules that we are given by the scriptures, prophets,
inspired leaders, parents, will give us PEACE! And we will be SAFE! 😊
we will be confident and everything good will come. :)

I love this! God is so good! And I hope that all these old people are
ready to get spirit slapped with some super sweet scriptures! I love
you alllll!!!!! 😘