August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Ok. So here it is. I don't have a lot of time today, because CRAZY THINGS ARE HAPPENING! But I will give you the highlights. 

This whole week was a miracle. On Wednesday we went out to get in our car... and it was dead. Totally kaput. So we were like, well I guess we are taking an extra walking day, and ended up walking like 10 miles that day. But Heavenly Father did that on purpose, because we met SO many wonderful people on the streets that day! It was amazing, and it was a blessing that it was so nice outside too. And then when we got back home our car started right up. WHAT?! Yup. God needed us to walk that day. 

Then on Saturday Sister Taggart (the mission presidents wife) came out with Sister Hale and I for 5 hours! It was so cool! She literally spent all day with us going to our appointments and teaching and serving with us! It was amazing! She is such an example to me of how to love EVERYONE unconditional of anything on their outward appearance. She took so much time to give everyone we passed by a touch of God's love for them. It was wonderful to have her there with us.

A while ago we met a guy on the street, and found out that he was a pastor for another church. WE said how cool that was and he invited us to go. We said we would go to his if he would come to ours, and he agreed. So Saturday night we went to this guys church, and it was SO CRAZY!!!! It was called the Casa de Gloria, and everything was in Spanish. I will spare you some of the crazy details, but lets just say that IT WAS SO SO SO LOUD!!! They had like 4 huge speakers and they had everything turned up all the way, and they were just screaming in Spanish and singing at the top of their lungs!!! Haha it was ridiculous. BUT he did end up coming to Sacrament meeting on Sunday, and said that we could talk about what he thought later! Haha I am excited about that, because Sacrament meeting is SO different from what they were doing in their church! 

Sunday was wonderful though. The other sister companionship in the ward had a baptism, and afterwards there was a little linger longer.... only everyone expect for two people forgot to bring food for it. So what do the wonderful missionaries do? They bust it home during the last hour of church, and in a half an hour make delicious chicken alfredo, chicken salad sandwiches, dip to go with a fancy loaf of bread, and some potatoes and sausage and onions... We were SO proud of ourselves. Literally, it was like a loaves and fishes miracle.... only we found out later that the potatoes weren't cooked very much... which I wash my hands of, because I didn't touch them crunchy potatoes. But everything else turned out great. 

Anyways. I just have one last thing to tell you all people. So Sister Hale got a call the other day saying that she will be training a new missionary!!!!!! We were stressing all weekend to find who is staying and who is going. because it is totally possible that either one of us could leave, because she has spent her whole mission here in Plainfield. So we got a call this morning..... Sister Hale is going to stay here and train her new missionary, and I am going to be transferred to Manchester, New Jersey and be a Sister Training Leader. WHAT?! Manchester is like 2 hours away from all the people that I love here!!! But it is ok, I will have a wonderful companion named Sister McConkie (I don't know if that is how you spell it)! I am super nervous to be going somewhere so different and have different responsibilities, but I know that as long as I am obedient to what The Lord commands me to do, all will be well. 

I love you all! Thank you so much for your love and prayers and support! HAPPY EASTERS! 😘

Our district and ward mission leader in the blue at the end of ward coordination... And yes the super tall one in the back is our district leader haha.

This is my last day teaching at English class.

And this last ugly picture is when we got pies on my birthday for pie day haha oh yes. My birthday is a national nerd holiday. :D
Sister Baine 😁