August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Hello! Well this week was really busy, but this is probably going to
be shorter because I have a lot of other people to email this week! I
feel so popular!

Well we have met a TON of new people this week, and gotten a lot of
new investigators. The beginning of this week was kind of chilly, so
we went mall contacting, and asked a bunch of people if we could ask
them a couple of "survey" questions, and it turned out to be really
effective! We found a really cool guy named Herman, and met with him
again on Friday with one of our members, and it was so great!

However, I have to warn you of the slippery traps of Satan. Hopefully
you don't judge me too badly... I am almost too ashamed to say... So
we were in the mall right? We were talking to a ton of people, handing
out copies of the Book of Mormon all over the place... And THEN! We
were stopped by this salesman. He said he had seen us walking earlier,
and blah blah whatever... And we were like oh cool, we get to have a
lesson with this guy. So we do a spiel and give him a BoM and and
explain it, promise blessings and tell him to read it and all of that.
BUT then as we were about to walk away, he started talking to us about
whatever I don't even remember, and we took one glance at his
cosmetics products and he was OFF on his performance! We don't even
know how it happened, but he did his demonstrations and was sweet
talking us and being so smooth and everything that 20mins later we
were walking away in a daze with his product.... It was a horrible
experience... And I don't even CARE about cosmetics!!! Satan is SO
tricky and if you think you are safe, THINK AGAIN!!! We asked him if
he could give us some tips about how to share the Book of Mormon like
he shares his cosmetics, and he said that its because he is so
charming and good looking... Darn it... Don't fall for Satan! DONT

Also, I have a wonderful companion who loves me and gives me adorable
Valentines day surprises... I love her haha.

Anyways.... It is a beautiful day outside and we are going to go play
some ultimate frisbee, so I will talk to y'all LATERRRR!!!