August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ohana Means Family!

Wow this week has been so long!! Sister Hale and I decided that it is
a good thing when our weeks seem really long, because that means we
have been working hard and have a lot to remember from the week. It is
so frustrating when weeks fly by and we don't feel like we did
anything. So I am happy because we have been really productive!

So we went to Ellis Island again on Friday which was fun. They have
been sending a lot lately because we need to have our pictures taken
so we can get badges instead of the stickers they give us every
time..BUT every time we go, the lady is always gone, so we never can
get our badges... But that was useless and uninteresting information
that I have no idea why I included... But yes, Ellis Island was really

We have been working with a couple new Less Actives this week. One of
them is a guy that the other sister missionaries in our ward found...
They called us one day and said they had found a long lost member for
us to teach haha. Apparently his records didn't ever get moved over,
so when they found him and started talking to him, he said he had
already been baptized. They were like WHAAAT? But yes haha he is a
crazy funny old guy that we have been teaching.

We have also been teaching our police officer friend... But he is
being kind of a stink pot, because he keeps looking things up online
about Mormons, and then asking us crazy random questions on things
that he has found... We told him that he can find anything he wants to
find online, but that the only way to know if this Gospel is true, is
to go straight to the source and pray about it. We said he needs to
question to believe and not to doubt.

The highlight of this week though, has to be that Elder Clayton
Christensen  came to our mission on Saturday and gave us a WONDERFUL
training on how to work with members better. Elder Christensen is
world renowned for his methods in disruptive thinking in business
tactics, and teaches business at Harvard University. Yet when he
spoke, he was so soft spoken and humble and you could feel the love
and spirit oozing out of him as he taught us. It was so amazing!! I
wish I could have recorded it all for you! Maybe I will send you some
of my notes...

Ummm let me think of anything funny that happened this weeeeeekkkk....
See this is the problem, is that what I think is funny, and what
everyone else thinks is funny are two different things... I think the
clever things I say are absolutely hilarious, but whatever I say that
makes me look like a fool is what everyone else dies laughing at...
The funniest thing is when we go up to someone or knock a door and we
are all nice and start talking to them about Jesus Christ and they
smile and nod, but when we ask them a question they are like "I no
speak English" or "No habla Ingles" or something like that... Then it
is awkward and we are just like "oh.. Ok well have a great day!" But
then they are still just smiling and nodding... So we just awkwardly
wave and walk away.... This happens at least once a day...

ANYWAYS!!! You are all wonderful people, and I am so thankful to be
here IN New Jersey. I am a missionary, and I LOVE IT!!! Have a
fabulous week! MUAH!

Sister Baine :)