August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


It is @)!^ (thats French for 2016!!!) Can you believe it????? I am seriously going crazy!!! Tomorrow will be my 5th month birthday in the mission, and that makes me even more sick!!!! Sometimes I think that I am honestly doing all I can, and have nothing else to give... and then other times I realize I have been out for 5 months, and wonder what I have been doing all this time... and why 500 people aren't baptized already? Maybe I need more faith... So if anyone has extra faith they can send me, that would be great.. just kidding, thats not real.

But SACRED BEEF we got so much CANDY!!!!! We seriously had mountains of sugar after Christmas! The sad thing is though, is that now it is almost all gone... i don't really know where it went... I am going to blame it on Sister Hale. 

New Years was good though, however, I was a little surprised. Normally you'd think that everyone would be out and about doing fun things and getting drunk on New Years Eve... but we went out contacting that night, and there was not a soul on the streets! Maybe it was too cold, but it was really lame. 

The rest of the week was really great though. So here's a great story for you guys haha. A member named Brother LaConte from my old ward in Morristown came down for an evening to go contacting with us. (Don't worry, its not creepy, he likes to go around to a bunch of different companionships and spend evenings with them....) So we went to a couple of people, and got some good lessons and potential investigators. But then Sister Hale felt prompted to go down this one street, so we did, and we started knocking. Most of the people weren't interested, but when we knocked on this one house, the lady opened the door and immediately was like "Oh come in, come in!" We were like... "uhhh what...?" She ushered us in the house though and there were two other ladies in her living room. They both seemed really nice, and then the first lady went into the other room to take a phone call, so we introduced ourselves, and then when the lady came back, we found out that we had happened upon a Buddhist meeting!!! When we introduced ourselves as being from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, she was kind of awkward, but they were all so nice, and invited us to sit in on it for a while! We sat and talked and learned about Buddhism for an hour! It was such a blessing to have Brother LaConte with us though, because before he became a member, he was really into the Buddhist philosophy and everything. It was one of the coolest meetings I have ever had though, because while they were all talking about what they believed, the spirit was SO SO STRONG when it was true and went along with what we believe. But when they started talking about chanting in front of scrolls, and how God isn't a Heavenly Being and other false doctrines, the spirit left. It was so amazing how district of a difference it was, when the Spirit would come and go and come and go. The Spirit testifies of all truth! However, Satan is really tricky, and even half truths or straight up false truths can not be confirmed by the Spirit. 

We also met some Hindu people this week, which was really cool to be able to talk to them. It is so nerve-racking for me to talk to all these different kinds of people though! They bring up so many different concerns and needs and ideas that I don't know how to address! But that is why we have the Gift of the Holy Ghost. That is why we have to open our mouths and have faith that the Lord will fill them with the words we should say... And that is exactly why I pray for humility every day haha, because I don't think that I am too good at doing that yet... :/

Lets see, what else happened this week. We taught a couple of homeless people! They are so funny, and Sister Hale almost got kissed by one! It was a guy that they had taught a lot before, and when she shook his hand, he started pulling her in and leaning in closer and closer! We think that he might have been drunk though, because it was New Years Day, and he was acting weird as it is haha. It was still hilarious though. 

It is also really sad to see and talk to all the homeless people here though. They have such hard lives that I don't understand, and it is hard to relate to them sometimes. But I know that as a representative of Jesus Christ, He will bless me with His love if I seek it. He loves these people. He loves them even if they smell bad or look scary or have missing teeth, or dig through trash, or get abused, or aren't nice. He loves them all, and He wants to heal them physically and spiritually. I pray that as I go among them, He will work through me to bless their lives and allow them to feel loved and comforted. 

Sorry this is sounding like a journal entry... I am so thankful that I am coming to love this people so much. :)
Alright, here is another funny story. So our poor car is getting so beat up and run down. I mean it is still really nice, but it badly needs a tune up. A couple days ago, the tire light came on on the dashboard, and I was like "oh, we need to put air in our tire." So we pulled into a gas station to use the air pump. But we didn't have a tire gauge, so I was like "oh, we will just have to guess which tire needs air and how much to put in..." We started filling up the tire that we guessed was the one that needed air. I was just pumpin away, puttin air into our tire, when this truck driver came over and asked if we needed any help. I told him that we didn't have a tire gauge, but then he smartly pointed out that there is one ON the air pump. So I handed him the nozzle, and he checked the tire, and he was like "OH MY GOSH!!!! YOU HAVE 70 POUNDS OF AIR IN THIS TIRE!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT EXPLODE!!!" And I was like, "What? How much is supposed to be in there?" and he said that it was supposed to only have 32 pounds of air.... so he QUICKLY started letting all the air out. After wards, we thanked him for saving our lives, and asked him about religion, gave him a card and drove away... and the tire light was still on... so we didn't even get the right tire... -_- Sorry Grandpa Serra... I know you did your best to teach me how to take care of my car, but I didn't represent you very well haha. 

Well, I think I have told you enough nonsense for the week. I love you all so much!!!! I know I say that every week, but i really really do! I tell Heavenly Father every week how much I love you, and always pray for all of you! Thank you all so much for supporting me! Stay stellar!!! And don't take any wooden nickles!

Love Sister Baine 😘