August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Dear Loved Ones!

I can't BELIEVE I didn't send you any of the pictures of Alexis' baptism! I repent, and will do better at that!

Well, guess what? This whole week I have been anxious out of my mind because transfers are on Tuesday and Sister Roundy and I had no idea what was happening! Thursday they said that if you were going to be training, they would call you, but neither of us got a call, so obviously we weren't training. So we had to wait until last night to get the transfer text, which tells who is getting transferred out of the area. Sister Roundy and I were both praying that we could stay together, and saying how we both felt like we weren't done here yet! Well last night I was in the middle of saying my prayer our phone vibrated saying that we got the transfer text! ....I really couldn't focus on my prayer after that haha... But guess what???? WE ARE STAYING TOGETHER FOR ANOTHER 6 MONTHS HERE!!!!! Heavenly Father definitely answers prayers!!!!!

....Well not much else exciting has happened this week... We had some YSA invitations to hand out, but the list they gave us to go off of was over a year old, so half of the people on it weren't even living there anymore haha, but at the very last house we visited we knocked on the door, and a lady answered and immediately she was just like "Oh come on in!" and so we went in, and she sat us down, and we found out that she was a less active! Her son was gone to California for school, but we had a really wonderful conversation with her and talked with her for a long time! It was really sad when she said she wasn't sure if she would ever come back to church, but we have a plan and we can't wait to go back and see her! When we were leaving, she gave us her number and invited us to come over for lunch sometime so we could talk more! When we were in Ward Council the next morning, we found out that no one had been able to see that less active in a long time, and we were able to talk to them about her! It was a miracle, and we are so thankful that we got to take part in that!

I love it here in New Jersey! It is so exciting to be here! Can I tell you of a revelation I had this week? So I have been really stressed out about how to enjoy being a missionary but not get comfortable to the point where I am just content with the work that I am doing. So the other night I was thinking about what to write in my journal about, and the spirit prompted me to start writing about mothers. So I did. I began to write about how mothers sacrifice of not only their physical energy, but also their emotional energy to truly help their children. About how they epitomize keeping their baptismal covenants to mourn with those that mourn, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort. They truly do represent Christ and His witness of His name as they expend all their energies to give their love. Then I related this to myself and how as a missionary, it takes a lot of effort to love the people here, especially when those you teach and spend half of your week with use their agency to make bad decisions. It hurts! It takes a LOT to feel so much and open your heart to hurt! But I realized that that is exactly what a missionary is called to do. As a representative of Jesus Christ we are especially called to mourn and comfort and uplift and strengthen, but that also implies that we know how to do that, which means that we must know how they feel. Sometimes I have no idea what it feels like to be an investigator, but Jesus Christ does, and He knows how to succor them. He has the ability to enlarge hearts to have the capacity to feel. That is what a successful missionary is! If I want to find the most joy in the work here, it must needs be that I feel the sorrow too! Oh yeah.... its all comin together. I could go on and on and on.... but I should probably get off my high horse now before I get bucked haha, next week I will talk more about the scriptures that came to mind as well.

Anyways, I love you all so much! Heavenly Father loves you even more though.

Love, Sister Baine!
P.S. So last transfer I got an award for being a green dot driver!!! Aren't you so proud of me, Mom?! You can put this on the fridge. That was before I got 2 aggressive driving marks in the last couple of weeks.... oops haha sorry, Mom... hopefully I can still drive and they don't kick me out...  

P.P.S. Chris is scheduled to get baptized this Saturday!!! Hopefully He makes it!!!