August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


PLEASE forgive me for not writing a weekly email last week!!! I said I had an excuse because the library was closed, but honestly, I was just lazy... and that was one of the worst decisions I have ever made. I AM SO SORRYYY!! Please forgive me... I promise it won't ever happen again!!!

So I HAVE to tell you about Alexis! I can't remember if I have ever mentioned her before, but she is just SO awesome! So last week we talked to her and everything, but then one night she texted us saying that she had had a cool experience to tell us about. So we called her and she said that she had really been thinking and praying about our invitation to find a date and be baptized, and that one of the biggest things that she was concerned about was that her family would be really against it and give her a hard time for it. So as she was thinking, a thought "randomly" popped into her head that what if on the way to the appointment we had scheduled with her, she got hit by a car and died? She hoped that if that happened, that we would have enough information about her to do her baptism in the temple afterwards. But then she thought that well if it was important enough for us to do her baptism after she died, then what was the point of waiting, and why didn't she just get baptized now? So she told us that she had prayed about a date, and wants to get baptized on the 28th of this month, because that day has in the past been really hard for her and since baptism is like a rebirth, she wants to give it new meaning. WHAT?! And THEN she got a text from her mom about her going to church and everything that really gave Alexis hope that her mom would be open to the idea of her getting baptized into the LDS church! And THEN we had another lesson with her in which we talked about the Word of Wisdom, and she had some questions about it, and later we found out that she sometimes drinks wine, so we had planned to call her and ask her to pray about the WoW to gain a testimony that it is  a true principle. Well, when we called her, she immediately said that she had already gotten an answer. She said that she had been praying about it and stuff, and that she was packing up her things (because she is moving), and that she saw a picture of Jesus Christ and right next to it was an envelope full of money that she had forgotten about! She had walked past it probably a million times in the last month that it had been sitting there, and was just now noticing it! She immediately took that as her answer, and committed to follow the Wow. WHAT?!
And THEN she texted us the other night and told us that she had to "end a friendship, and tried to be as kind about it as possible, but it was not a pleasant discussion. Afterwards I prayed on my knees and told Heavenly Father that I truly don't know how Christ  would have handled that, but I'd ask in Church and learn so if there's a next time, or even another strong disagreement, I could try to act more like Him." Then she talked to another one of her friends about her decision to get baptized, and he was very supportive. She is just SO BRAVE!!! I'm sorry haha, I have to brag about her because she is the best investigator in the whole wide world. I love her so much! I could go on and on, but I want to share another miracle with you.
So our teaching pool has been getting progressively smaller as we have been weeding people out, and others are on the brink of getting baptized, so we have been working on building it back up and doing more contacting. So one night we were walking back to our car right before we were going home, and we met this young man named Danny. We talked to him for a couple minutes and asked Him what his favorite thing was about Jesus Christ. Usually when we ask that question, people say something like "I dont know," or "He's just the best." But when we asked him, he said that it was because Jesus Christ doesn't judge, and that he loves us all for who we are. It was super powerful some of the things he said, but since we were in a hurry, we didn't spend a long time with him. But we gave him a Book of Mormon, and a card with our number and the address to the chapel on it, and invited him to read, pray, and come to church. Well guess what?! Right in the middle of the Sacrament on Sunday, he walks in! He sits down all by himself and listened to all of the testimonies! After Sacrament meeting a ton of members went up to him and introduced themselves and helped him to feel welcome! He literally had a crowd around him! We talked to him again and he said that he had been reading a little bit of the Book of Mormon! He then stayed for the next two hours of church, and said he would come back again next week, and later we found out that he had WALKED there!! He had probably walked nearly an hour to get to church! It has been such a strong testimony to me that even though some days may be discouraging, Heavenly Father knows where the prepared and elect are in New Jersey. He WILL lead them to us and us to them. We will gravitate towards each other if that is what we are seeking!
Amazing things are happening here, and I am so so so incredibly grateful to be a part of it. Our investigators have SO much faith, and they have to work so hard for it!!! I was thinking that Heavenly Father is so merciful for blessing me to have been born into the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an eternal family, because I don't know if I would have enough faith and strength to have these kinds of miracles I am seeing our beloved sincere inquirers having. I definitely wouldn't be here, physically or spiritually, if I hadn't been taught the Gospel my entire life. My heart is SO filled with gratitude for that blessing of always having Christ as a guide in my life. I am definitely working on my faith though! I like to think that my prayers actually make a difference in helping them and also all of you come closer to Christ. So if they aren't then just don't tell me haha. I am actually super proud that I am getting callouses on my knees from praying so much here!
So you want to hear something funny? We have been doing this thing every morning where we say "I fear no man" in funny voices and in different poses.... Well this morning I was going to say it while I did a dance, but my skirt wasn't stretchy and I was wearing socks on our hardwood floor, so when I kicked one foot out my other foot slipped out from under me and I fell flat on my nalgas! Sis Roundy had a good laugh about that...I guess that is one way to get out of your comfort zone...
Also, my OCD is going CRAZY with all of these crunchy leaves here!! It takes all my willpower not to dance all over the sidewalk stepping on every crunchy leaf in New Jersey.... 

Anyways... I hope that makes up for me not writing you last week... I do love you all and sincerely pray for all of you! Thank you also for your prayers, because God knows I need them!! And always remember that starting off your day right begins on your knees the night before!

Love you!!!
Sis Baine! 😁

This is how I feel exercising in the morning.....

Oh, btw, in Kim B Clark who spoke in conference was my president at
BYU-I when I was there... So I'm pretty much famous now....