August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy autumn everyone!

I have never in my life seen a fall season as magnificently beautiful as this one. Honestly, the colors and designs that Heavenly Father has given me to appreciate here are absolutely more breathtaking than my lungs can handle. I'll send you some pictures...

This week has been filled with miracles. Like space jam packed into a pickle jar of peppers that's how awesome it has been. And guess what? It is all because Heavenly Father cares about His children enough to inspire us. So first of all it was late at night and we were driving down the road right? Just cruisin. Then as we are driving, I see this girl walking down the road, and im like... nothing actually I don't even think about it... But then the Holy Ghost starts nagging me and telling me to go back and talk to her, so then I tell Sister Roundy and she thinks I am crazy but she says to turn around anyways. So we turn around and park and then start running after this girl. At night. On the side of a road that isn't even lit. Luckily we ran quietly so she didn't know until we were closer and then we called out to her. We caught up to her and started talking. She said her name was Jasmine and she was just coming home from work. She was like "Now what do you want since you went through all the trouble to park and run after me in the dark? You obviously after somethin probably for some Chruch" And so we said that we had a message for her that would make her happier than she had ever been before in her life. She automatically said "Alright, so your Mormon." WHAT? hahaha it was awesome. We kept talking and gave her a Book of Mormon, and she said she would read it just because we went through the trouble of talking to her!

So right after we got back in our car we went to visit a family we hadn't seen in a while, and the Mom, Fannie, let us in right away! We talked for a long time and she told us that she had been having a really hard time with her family, and especially her son. She said that she felt like Satan was trying to destroy her family through her son, and that the house had a feeling of darkness in it, and especially in his room. Fannie said that even other people commented about it when they would walk into her home. We told her that Christ's power can overcome any darkness, and testified of the principles of the Gospel to her. We said a prayer with her, and then had a crazy experience that I will never forget. While I was praying there was a point in the prayer that I felt something in the room change. I didn't really notice it at first, but after we ended, Fannie started crying, and said that at the beginning of the prayer she felt like this weight or something heavy weighing her shoulders down, but that towards the end she felt it lift off of her and her shoulders literally got lighter. She was still really troubled about it though, and started grabbing her arms and clenching her fists in agitation and crying harder and said "What is happening?! This is so weird, I don't know what is happening!" Then she said that she felt it coming back and she was getting heavier again, and she started crying even more and we could tell she was really scared. So we decided to sing a hymn with her before we left to calm her down and give her peace. We all sang 'Be Still, My Soul' and after that she was herself again. When Sister Roundy and I left, we said a prayer at the edge of her yard. It was the craziest experience I have ever had!!!

Well, we went out a couple days later to go visit some people, and we were driving home, and then I felt the nagging again!! The spirit told me to go back to the street we were just on, so we looped around and went back to the street, and got out of the car. We had no idea what to do so we started walking, but then I looked around, and there was this man standing in his doorway, and I went up to him, but he didn't speak English... I have never wanted to speak Spanish so badly in my life. So we called up the Spanish Sisters!!! We handed him the phone and they set up an appointment. It was weird, but it worked! Then Sis Roundy felt like we should knock on this one house and we practically had a lesson on his porch! His name is Luis and we gave him a Book of Mormon, an invitation to the Primary Program coming up soon, our contact info, and then sang 'I Am a Child of God' with him and his little daughter before we left. It was awesome. Then we met this crazy man who when we asked his name hesitated for like 18 seconds and then said it was "John." He told us that he was Israelite, that the Jews and Jesus were black, and that everyone except them were going to be burned when He comes again. It was one of the weirdest contacts I have ever had haha, also because he thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses at first and started going off about the 144thousand deal... I love Jersey.

ALEXIS IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON WEDNESDAYYYY!!!!!!! She had her interview yesterday and we are all so excited!!! She is literally just an angel. She spent all Saturday night practicing the baptismal questions, and then bought herself a white dress for her baptism! haha she is adorable, and we are so excited. In fact, the mission president's wife, Sister Taggart invited her and us over for lunch yesterday after church. It was awesome, but I was almost scared out of my mind.... but it was good. :)

We went to the Trunk or Treat for a few minutes on Saturday night, and HOLY GOODNESS!!!!! This ward goes all out!!! everyone was dressed up and the trunks were ALL SORTS of decked out!!!! It was the coolest trunk or treat I have ever seen with my eyeballs! Honestly, you have all got to step it up this year with your Halloween parties, because my ward here in NJ has definitely got you all beat!!! I mean our Bishop brought a tow truck!! One of the trunks basically had a pool of water with alligators swimming in it. It was amazing. I wish I could have taken pictures of everything and everyone there, but that would have been weird...

Also, we did a Family History booth at a little street fair thing they do here called Bottle Hill Day. It was really fun and we had a ton of success! We were able to get about 37 packets to deliver to people who want to know more about their Family History! Even though we weren't allowed to proselyte at the booth, we are praying that it will bring just as much talk about Jesus Christ when we deliver them! I am so excited!

I have this theory here on my mission that since I am here on the Lord's time, and since He is the Master Planner, that He has every lesson of every day of every week of my mission planned out perfectly the way that He wants it to go. The way I know if I am doing what He wants me to do is if I see miracles happening, and things working out and the Spirit guiding me where to go, what to do, what to say, and who to talk to. Those things don't necessarily result in success number wise, but they result in a successful missionary. If I am obedient to the promptings of the Spirit, I will find success.  I have even felt this in lessons when I open my mouth and let Him work through me. And I am SO SO SO thankful for that, because there is no protein whey in history that I could find that kind of success by my own power and plans and works. That's why we have a loving Heavenly Father! :)

Anyways, I am sorry I took up like half of your life telling you about all this stuff haha, but thank you so much for all of your prayers and support and attractiveness. Know that I am praying for you too! Love you a TON!!!!

Sister Baine😁❤😘