August 2015-February 2017 Return With Honor

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hellooooo errybodyyyy!!!!

So I really don't have very long this week at all.... But I do have a
few mins left to email, and I want to tell you of a miracle Alexis had
this week. You know how she was really worried about her family not
supporting her decision to be baptized? Well she met with Bishop last
week, and he counseled her to tell her family. She was really nervous
and prayed super hard, but she did and GUESS WHAT!? Her mom was so
happy for her! She was so glad her daughter was finally finding a
religion and that she would be following Jesus Christ!!!! It was so
amazing!!! Heavenly Father answers prayers!

Chris is having a hard time right now though.... He has had two
scheduled baptismal dates, but hasn't been prepared for it yet, so we
have decided to teach him at a simpler pace instead of cramming it all
at him.... Here is such wisdom in the counsel to teach people, not

So a couple of weeks ago we received a referral from someone who went
online and requested a copy of the BOM, so we called him and he said
he had already received a copy, but would be happy to have the
missionaries go by. Well, it turns out that he wanted to meet on a day
when we couldn't do it, so we sent the Spanish sisters to meet with
him instead (partly because his name was Juan Pablo) and GUESS WHAT!?
Two and a half weeks later he is baptized!!! WHAT?! So even though he
got taught by the Spanish sisters and baptized into the Spanish
branch, we are considering him our investigator child that we gave up
for adoption..... There is a pic of him...

Also, it's kind of really lame, but I finally know how to be still.
You know that song "be still my soul?" Well until lately I've never
realized that I have always had is constant noise in my head. Even
when it is quiet I always have loud thoughts or songs or noises going
on in my ears... But I've realized that when I actually control my
thoughts and quiet them down, I can hear the spirit a WHOLE lot

 Anyways, I love you all, and I thought it might be fun if I showed
you my apartment! Stay stellar!!!! 😘